Well, That’s Uplifting…

10 thoughts on “Well, That’s Uplifting…”

  1. Well… Sun is a star. So there’s that.

  2. In the worst case you are just 8 minutes late. Sounds legit.

  3. @Scientia
    But the Sun is far from being dead, yes?

  4. Hard to say. Answer may take 8 minutes… please wait.

  5. @Scientia
    Its been a few hours since my post… The star’s still there. So…

  6. @American In Vienna: I don’t know, I haven’t seen it since this evening.

  7. @cafcab
    Welp… then your dreams may be dead…
    But then the Sun is also dead, so nevermind the dreams…

  8. Star, not the sun in our solar system. Buncha of rocket surgeons…

  9. What?!

  10. Most visible stars are a lot closer than you might think. See xkcd #1342.

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