Perfect Date

Team DD/MM/YYYY all the way!

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  1. I went out with this woman 30 or so years ago who wouldn’t say a thing when we went out on a date. We would watch horror, sci fi flicks, go to McDonalds. I’d take her on death marches, (10 mile walks) and such. All of them perfect dates. Of course we got married, and in and around squeezing out baby #3 she developed a mouth. Now I know what the ancient proverb means; “better a dry morsel on the roof top, then a feast with a quarrelsome woman”.

    Oh best date format;

  2. All formats are fine except those with day part in the middle. And why english cannot find another word for romantic rendezvous encounters.

  3. ISO 8601

  4. True, though I prefer When wanting to sort by date yyyy-mm-dd comes in handy.

    One way to put the date makes no sense under any circumstances and it is mm/dd/yyyy

  5. They may come up with “appointment” instead, so be careful what you wish for.

  6. Like me you are too smart for this site.

  7. Cast to a date object then sort by date object, in just about any languange

  8. Best is: Yesterday (could be anywhere from yesterday to a year ago), today (from right now to going to sleep), tomorrow (from when I will get up to some time in the future – not specific).

  9. Cue to hungarians to assert our superiority!

  10. I dislike any of the numbers-only methods of designating dates, because one doesn’t know which method someone is using. What day is 2/3/04, anyhow?

  11. It’s the Americans f…ing everything up. As usual. Go Metric and get your dates together.

  12. @Common nonsense.
    Yesterday is nothing more than the day before today.
    Tomorrow is nothing more than the day after today.
    Unless you’re Spanish, then everything is maƱana…

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