Honestly Dave, It’s Just Hurtful. Gone Too Far This Time.

When your dog says “I know you think you’re being funny, but honestly Dave, it’s just hurtful” then it’s time to take your hand out of the sock. Stop bullying your pets, people!

I know you think you're being funny, but honestly Dave, it's just hurtful.

16 thoughts on “Honestly Dave, It’s Just Hurtful. Gone Too Far This Time.”

  1. Humans suck. This is soo old.

  2. you mean human sock?

  3. Wells socks does suck..

  4. How many times a year do we have to see this one.

    It was funny the FIRST time.

  5. More than one could say about you.

  6. You as well, effendi.

  7. It socks to be you…

  8. Making puns about fine art is a travesty.

  9. I do not suck! Not like everyone says. I’m smart.. and don’t call me Socks!

  10. I suck sockless feet only .

  11. Trudeau’s sockless feet would be gross to suck. But Ill bet there’s some underaged gals who could tell some stories.

  12. Then tell us your story.

  13. Well.. I was 11 when I first met him at a rally with my Mom. He was so nice, at first. Later I would learn just what a monster he was.

  14. Hm, slander. Criminal offense. Reported.

  15. Criminal offense against who? Epstein island traveler Justine.

  16. 15 visits to Epstein’s island. 15. Flight Logs don’t lie. He’s a perv. Deal with it.

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