Dating a Married Woman: It’s Never OK

You have to admire the integrity of a man who does not date married women. It’s never OK to date a married woman. No exceptions.

Why do you never take me out to dinner? I don't go out with married women. But I'm your wife! I make no exceptions.

20 thoughts on “Dating a Married Woman: It’s Never OK”

  1. Why doesn’t Obama go out with her?

  2. Because she has already been propositioned by Trump and her husband propositioned by DeSantis who offered to “dress up” for the occasion. They are now too busy trying to fend off people like that to worry about dinner dates.

  3. That and the fact that Michelle is a man.

  4. So if your a subject of King Charles, are you really a free person?

  5. You can be arrested for having opinions in the UK. So nobody is free there.

  6. He is ceremonial only. He doesn’t even have control over Camila. Can’t kick
    his scuzzy brother out of the castle, and is laughed at by everyone whom has
    had the displeasure of meeting him.

  7. What about Canadians? They are subjects of the crown, no?

  8. I find married women who enjoy a little side action are usually discreet. I like that also.

  9. By that you mean cheating and deceiving?

  10. You will burn in the hell fires.

  11. These two reply’s are very disturbing. Millions worldwide enjoy a little nooky on the side.

  12. These fundamentalist should be bent over a short fence then their bottoms beaten with a cricket bat.

  13. Yes, being faithful and loyal instead of a cheater and deceiver is being fundamentalist. This is the degeneracy we live in today. Ofc, what to expect from people who believe men can have periods.

  14. Explains the global rise of satanism

  15. In the US you get shot for not sharing the rightards mob opinion.

  16. No women will ever cheat their men with you, loser. Keep on wanking.

  17. More man than you, that’s for sure.

  18. Satanism is in decline like all religions. Atheism is on the rise. And that’s a good thing.

  19. Okay Mr. Godless. No one cares.

  20. Oh, poor insignificant faith boy.

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