Dark Humor: How Bad Do You Want To Know The Test Results?

Why doctors like dark humor and so many doctor memes are filled with it? Doctors deal with serious and often emotionally charged situations on a regular basis, and dark humor can be a way for them to cope with the stress – it’s a way for doctors to confront and process difficult topics and situations in a way that feels more manageable. There: now you know while joking about death and illness is actually a good thing!

How bad do you want to know the test results? I'm dying to know! What a coincidence!

20 thoughts on “Dark Humor: How Bad Do You Want To Know The Test Results?”

  1. Another doctor meme with a weak joke. Who comes up with that? Conservatives?
    Yes, conservatives. That’s why they envy the left for its clever memes.

  2. Did you know the U.S. has one of the worst life expectencies in the world? Most other people live much longer. Yet the American healthcare system is the most expensive. Scam States of America. The freedom of slaves.

  3. Doctor – Mr. Jones, you will have to take this prescription for the rest of your life.
    Mr. Jones – Doctor, you only gave me a one month prescription with no renewal.
    Doctor – I know.

  4. The 1% – American slaves only have worth to us as long as they can work full time for minimum wage. Make healthcare expensive so they work till they drop and the sick ones won’t cost us.
    GOP – Say no more.

  5. Looks like the 1% never heard USA has tax payers funded health care for elders and disabled people. The 1% must also believe men can get pregnant.

  6. So what’s be going on in Canada? Must not be important. Sorry to interrupt the America hate fest. Proceed.

  7. Side effects:
    * hyper tension
    * myocarditis
    * heart attack
    * irregular menstrual bleeding
    * liver cell genetic modification
    * death

  8. All true but you’ll never get the jabbies to admit it. Even with their dying breaths.

  9. The 1% is in your brain. You are a puppet.

  10. You are not Canadian anymore. Go home.

  11. More top news from fantasy land. Or just covid brain damage.

  12. Most people die of American health care.

  13. Read the information leaflet that comes with any medication.

  14. They don’t have information about the jabs. It was all blank on the insert. Reason #126 of the list of reasons I didn’t take it. Good luck.

  15. Over 13 BILLION covid vaccine shots have been administered world wide. If there were any serious side effects, we’d have all seen or experienced them by now.

    On the other hand covid killed over a million Americans.

    It’s not hard to know which one is the killer. Unless of course, you just focus on fake news.

  16. LOL I got an information pamplet before each jab. All information was there. In the open. Antivaxxers are just too stupid to read. The Scandal.

  17. Anti-vacers should all be tied belly down to tree stumps then jabbed in the arse
    with a typhoid serum.

  18. Well it’s over now everyone has already gotten it by now. Even the best medical people say that natural immunity from getting Covid is better then the vax so no point arguing over it anymore. Also anyone who didn’t take the vax before certainly isn’t going to take it now that the truth is out. You’d have to be an idiot to put that crap in your body at this point. So we take the lessons we learned from it, like you can’t trust the Government, and move on. Not much else we can do.

  19. Your truth is BS in the real world.

  20. Just keep telling yourself that.

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