Dark Humor Cartoons by Gypsie Raleigh


Illustrator and book author Gypsie Raleigh has created a series of thought-provoking, twisted dark humor cartoons. Warning: not for the easily offended.


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  1. Not really any satire here. Just irreverence to death and the dead. Well there is the puns too I guess.

    • I don’t recall seeing anyone claiming they were satirical, and all humour is irreverent, that’s what makes it humour. Also, you meant “there ARE the puns”.

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob September 26, 2016

    Joe Bob’ll laugh at dang near anything. He didn’t laugh at this stuff. T’wern’t funny.

  3. Alex Franklin September 26, 2016

    BORING !

  4. I’ll take Franquin’s Idées Noires over this any day. Since when is it very dark to contemplate futility and frustration in life artistically? Is America lacking awareness and imagination to the point where this is a stand-out not by its own merit?

  5. Great stuff!

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