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If you flip a photo of bats hanging upside down, they look like they're having a wicked dance-off.


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  1. GOP leadership hatching their plan to overthrow democracy. They are excited and dance to honor the devil.

  2. for once a photo series woulf be great.

  3. First photo release of Dr TVs Wuhan Lab bats with gain of function virus ready to be released on the world. Thank you CCP commies.

    • Ashleigh LaThrop September 28, 2021

      I blame the Faucists

    • Wow, great plan. Ruin your own economy to attack America. You people are so dumb.

    • Good job. Blame somebody else.

      Interesting how every other first world country is doing better than America. That’s not China’s fault.

  4. There is only one “First World Country” on earth and you know which country that is. There can be only one!

  5. No it’s Australia 🇦🇺 😂🤣. Their anti human rights campaign has been amazing to witness first hand. So proud. Hope Canada and all countries follow this communist, oh, I mean enlightened path.

    • “Communist”? You obviously have no idea what communism is The Trump regime was much closer to communistic regimes than those countries. Trump’s team used the same methods as the Sowjet Union did to undermine democracy and to smear the opposition.

    • As well as discrediting the free press, breaking the laws with impunity and manipulating election results.

  6. Biden @ 38% approval but Trump, Trump, Trump!! 😂🤣. Pathetic Commie losers.

    • Pathic Americans. They can only swing between communism and fascism. Disfunctional country.

    • Calling Biden a communist is like calling Hitler a black man. None of the American politicians in power are communists. All of them are nationalist conservatives no matter what party they are in. In 2021 the Republicans tend to be just a bit more elitist, racist and mysogynistic than the Democrats.

  7. The final variant of Covid will be communism. Just remember, the sooner you give all your rights away, the quicker you can get them back.

    • Funny how rightard Americans always call for communism without knowing what that might be. In America fascism is more likely than communism. Trump was the first step.
      Both suck by the way. First they will make you destroy your democracy with your guns. Then they will take them away. Or do you really think someone like Trump will tolerate your anger if you ever get unsatisfied with his politics? By then it will be too late. He wants to be like Putin. People thought he would be a great choice for their country. Now he is still there and won’t go away.

  8. Communism or fascism are not possible in America. You can have temporary up ticks, like we are seeing now under Biden, but the country is a self correcting system. Which is why Biden’s authoritarianism has earned him an approval rating in the 30s. It goes back and fourth always seeking middle ground. It just takes years in between election cycles. The Left wants to destroy the Right completely. Their tools are the media, the internet oligarchs, the attempt to dominate culture, the limiting of free speech and now big companies all banding together. The Right are people who just want to be left alone and not have an authoritarian Gov pushing in on every aspect of their lives. They are not ever going to buy the refusal to believe in basic biology, like men can have babies and be women and the sexualization of children in the schools etc.. What holds it all together is the simple and unavoidable fact that people on the right are 80% of the police and 90% of the military. The Left could never disarm the country because these people would all turn against anyone who attempts it. And Americans on the right are armed to the teeth. 90% of veterans, and there are 10s of millions of them would never allow communism or fascism to over take the country. It’s not perfect, no country is, but it works for now. One day America will go the way of the British and China will rule. Their next up. And that will be a dark, dark day indeed.

    • You mean under Trump. Update your political education to international standards.

  9. What part of it isn’t true

    • My penny-worth: democracies easily decay into authoritarian regimes when people fall for the propaganda of a politician / political party that wants to become a sole ruler. Which is exactly what happened under Trump. In a functioning democracy, the president does not entice his voters to storm the parliament shouting “hang Mike Pence” to prevent the VP from performing his constitutional duty. The right being heavily armed makes it only more scary.

  10. Thought so

  11. Biden is far and away the most authoritarian President the US has ever had. Which is why his approval rating is in the 30s. Everything is not political. Making everything political, like Heath care is fascism. Look hard at Australia and Canada. You just hate America. Hate on. Hate only damages the hater.

  12. Drink more koolaid. Take another jab. Whatever gets through. It’s a free world right..

  13. Vaccine passports are racist. Vaccine mandates are fascist. But everyone seems ok with that so.. let’s just see how this all works out. Betting it’s not good for anyone vaxxed or not.

    • Vaccine passports and mandates have been around for ages. For vacations for example. Even George Washington vaxxed his troops. He won.

  14. Wait.. so your saying they were vaccinating people in the 1700s? This is the best example of the people posting on this site.

  15. LoL!! FOR The 🏆 win!

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