If You Flip a Photo of Bats Hanging Upside Down…



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  1. I think they look like Trump supporters plotting to star a war.

    • Prince Leo May 17, 2017

      Of course they are Trump supporters. We can clearly see they’ve got balls.

    • Why do you morons use “balls” as a euphemism for tough and “pussy” as a euphemism for weak? A pussy can take a pounding, shoot out a bowling ball, and bounce back as ready to go as ever. You so much as flick a ball with your little finger and it withdraws, mewling and snivelling and not remotely able to get back in the game for a good long time, and certainly not without a lot of whining.

    • Prince Leo May 18, 2017

      I’m sorry if you have no balls :(

    • Why on earth would I want something that fragile dangling off of the place that supports me during my bike commute? Jeepers, one quick stop resulting in a slide off the saddle and you’d think a dude had literally been castrated. No thanks, I prefer parts that can make it through a day’s activities without whining about it.

    • Why am I not surprised that some petty, hidebound, insular blockhead made up something to attach dancing bats to Trump.

    • Prince Leo May 18, 2017

      @Rattus isn’t it obvious? Only brave ones can survive with balls.

    • But we all can admit they are impractical sometimes.
      Kauf Buch’s and Prince Leo’s hero Adolf had only one ball. The other one he lost on the battlefield. How careless.

    • Prince Leo May 19, 2017

      @Dat “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”. Guess it’s pretty clear who’s socialist among us here =)

    • I don’t think I’m a socialist. Well, on the other hand. In the US everyone who isn’t a egomaniac is a socialist. That’s why they say “In God we trust”. Because you can’t trust in the american people.

    • Prince Leo May 19, 2017

      Everyone who wants an inflated state to force their way of life onto others is a sort of socialist. They want less freedom to be able to act irresponsibly and have responsible hard worker ones to bail them out.
      “I want 139 kids, not finish my studies, and my neighbor should pay my bills because I can’t afford”

    • Prince Leo May 19, 2017

      That’s, BTW, the extremely opposite of what was nazi government. They had inflated government controlling economy to “provide” what they thought to be the best to German citizen at the cost of everyone else that didn’t fit what German citizen should be. A huge state, just like socialists in general.
      USA, OTOH, doesn’t care who you are and won’t use government to force a way of life. You just need to be responsible and hard worker and you’re fine here.
      I’m a black legal immigrant and I live way better than non educated white citizen ones just because I studied and am responsible.

    • “USA, OTOH, doesn’t care who you are and won’t use government to force a way of life.”

    • Prince Leo May 20, 2017

      Agree 100%: not yet. Those who call us Nazi when we fight for freedom and less government are the ones we need to keep an eye on.

    • The Good German May 20, 2017

      Freedom has nothing to do with it. That’s just an excuse from self-centered, greedy and hypocritical douchebags. But with responsibility to others and solidarity to your neighbours and fellow citizens. The rich help the poor, the strong help the weak, the healthy help the sick. It’s the basics of human society. Even your beloved Gods demand this. Americans forgot that. That’s why the country is rotting at it’s core with crime, ailing infrastructure, disastrous education and economic struggle.
      The Nazi-state wasn’t inflated. It was very efficient. And corrupt to fill the pockets of those in charge. It wasn’t about socialism. That was only a label. It was a murderous kleptocracy run by nepotism. That wasn’t about the greater good for the german citizen. Instead it was a system to keep a machine running that would produce wealth for those in charge and control the masses. And you americans should be aware because the same can happen to you any moment with the Trump family in charge. You didn’t vote a man into the office but a heartless company.

    • Prince Leo May 20, 2017

      tldr; I’ll wait launching on Netflix.
      But where have I heard about socialist Germans….?

    • German Machine Gun May 20, 2017

      GDR? But they also stole from the people. Most socialists are republicans in disguise stealing your wallet.

    • You’re a jerk

  2. @Rattus, talk to me in 28 days

    • I had all that stuff taken out, and even when I still had it, three days of slightly thicker drawers does not remotely compare with dangling a body part that can’t look after itself in a fight.

    • lol, get ready for the misogynist label.

    • Prince Leo May 18, 2017

      @Rattus well, it’s your decision to get rid of your fragile parts. But the (non-PC) joke about balls is that they produce most of the male hormones, so having balls makes you a man.

    • Libtard Hunter May 19, 2017

      Should I apologize for having testicles?

    • Real men can retract the dangling parts in case of a fight. Battle Mode.

    • Leo, sure, a whole load of testosterone (we all have some to varying degrees) makes one a man, but being physically a man doesn’t mean one is strong, tough, or reliable therefore it is a ridiculous equivalency spouted by the weak of character.

    • Prince Leo May 21, 2017

      @Rattus lol. Usually the ones that take this ball thing to real life are douches. But as a joke it fits well.

  3. Salzigtal May 19, 2017

    The usage of “Trump” and “balls” in the same sentence has been banned since Carly stared him down at the debate. The coward vote carried POTUS Asteriscus V to the inauguration.

    • The brains of his offsprings show the dubious quality of Trump’s “balls”.

  4. Batdancing The Batusi

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