Dammit, Carl


For God's sake... I'm getting real tired of your crap, Carl.


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  1. We going to **** you up Carl when take over the government.

    • I think Carl is Trump. He is sh*tting everyone all the time. Including himself. Diaper president.

    • To Anon #2
      No, no, no…it’s a metaphor for Trudeau in Blackface! (coming back to bite him…)

    • Nah, Trump. The annoying, violent guy is always Trump.

  2. Latest CDC Covid protective gear mandate…

  3. # No More, Sir – today enough – yesterday tough – tomorrow bluff

  4. No one wants Trump back except the people who are obsessed with him and can’t let go mainly Leftist who LOVE China Joe and thrice convicted criminal Justine Trudeau.

    • So why are all those rightard protesting for him to come back as president? … Oh, right. They are antifa agents. *winkwink*

  5. Righttards protesting…? Are you talking about the anti mandate peaceful protests? Those and anti mandate Freedom Convoy in Canada, (the largest truck convoy in the history of the world), are the only protests I’m hearing about. Trumps a loser. America doesn’t like losers. But here it’s all they talk about. Just admit you love em already or stop talking about him.

    • Trucks are long. Easy record. *lol*
      You didn’t hear about all those protests of antivaxxers? Death threats to doctors, scientists and politicians? Hot coffee into nurses faces on their way to work? Burning cars with and without the garage? Throwing stones at police and press, using they own children as shields against pepper spray and water cannons? Setting streets on fire? Blocking hospital ramps? Terrorizing preschool children because they saw them wearing masks in class through a window. One antivaxxer even shot a pretrol station employee in the face because he asked him to wear a mask inside the shop – that antivaxxer went home and came back with his illegal gun. That wasn’t even the end of the list.
      Antivaxxers are terrorists and should be handled as such. Democracy must defend itself.
      Wow, you really must be high on drugs or deep in a rabbit hole not to notice that.

  6. Many of the trucks ARE vaccinated. It’s about the mandates. The Government over reach. Freedom over your anatomy. I know freedoms not something you understand or care about but many of us do.

    • That’s bull. Being a free citizen comes with responsibilities – it’s not a wish list.
      They should revoke the rights to future vaccines for those protesting. Problem solved in the long term. It’s all about “long term”, isn’t it? Those people are doing long term damage to society.

  7. How is that? Are you saying the vaccines have worked or that vaccinated people don’t get or spread Covid? I think you took the jabs and are now seeing that you were duped. Misery loves company. Besides, wouldn’t all the unvaccinated be dead by now if what you claim is true?

    • The vaccines work. No matter what you are fantazising. No one said it was a 100% protection. The manufacterers NEVR said that. But it reduces the risk of contracting it and especially dying from it immensely.
      Most people dead are actually unvaccinated. And most of those in the ICUs and still dying from it are unvaccinated. Because vaccinated people usually don’t end up in the ICU. And as the virus never had a 100% death rate of course most unvaccinated survive it. Many crippled. Now your tax dollars go to those too dumb to be vaccinated because they will need care for the rest of their stupid lifes. After the pandemic a pandemic of long-covid patients will follow. I guess you’ll protest then and demand your former comrades are too put down to save tax dollars. Yeah, that sounds about right… sounds like you.

  8. So if everything you said is true, why did the UK and many other countries left all Covid restrictions? And what about natural immunity? And big pharma did say in the beginning it was 99% effective in preventing Covid. President Biden said over and over that if you got vaccinated you would not get Covid. Then over time as the vaccines effectiveness dropped off or failed completely, they changed the narrative. Now you say “No one ever said it was 100% effective”. Is your memory really that short or do you just repeat what CNN tells you? It’s endemic now. No jabs are going to stop it. Live with it and get on with your life. It’s got a 99.8% survival rate. Stop being such a puss.

    • 1. Don’t listen what politicians say. No matter the party.
      2. Natural immunity is not given with all diseases. There are several diseases that can infect a person several times. Especialy when the virus begins to mutate.
      3. Reporters like to simplify things for their viewers/readers/listeners. Especialy in TV stations that live off ratings. Listen to the real experts even if the answer is complicated. Not politicians, entertainers, comics, actors, influencers or *extend_list*. Listen to the experts.
      4. It’s science – not narrative. There are no absolute predictions. Politicians may like it that way to lull voters but in reality data can change. The more people got vaccinated and exposed to the virus the bigger the amount of data gets. Then the effectiveness factor is corrected. That’s science and medicine. Only religion deals in absolutes. The universe doesn’t.
      5. It’s still pandemic. The insanely high speed spread the omicron variant took around the globe shows that.
      6. Survival rate is more around 95-98 percent. Not good with a strain so infectious. It already took a great toll. Also even if one survives covid leaves long term damage to the body in all age groups. Some may never recover. The jabs will at least keep people alive and healthy. So, the vaccines didn’t fail.
      7. “Stop being such a puss.” Many said that before their body wasn’t able to process oxygen anymore or before a loved one ended up in a cooling truck. Always keep that in mind. It could be you. It’s unpredictable. That’s why it is so frightening. Reacting with stubbornness to the fear is contraproductive though.
      8. And watch those who try to make your fear into profit. Quacks and politicians.

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