Dammit, Getting Real Sick of Your Shit, Carl…

For God’s sake… This is just classic Carl. He thinks this is funny, but it’s more annoying than anything. Carl should find something productive to do to keep his mind off dumb stuff like this.

Getting real sick of your shit, Carl.

31 thoughts on “Dammit, Getting Real Sick of Your Shit, Carl…”

  1. We humans got the same things. Antivaxxers gnawing on our ears with their BS.

  2. Democrats trying to stop Republicans from impeaching Biden.

  3. Imaginary impeachment.

  4. Trump committed treason and Republicans want to impeach Biden. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Croc shaming!!! remove it Eatliver

  6. When was Trump convicted again? A conviction is like Justine’s three ethics convictions. He was proven guilty and even made a weak apology. Trump has not been convicted, yet. I’m sure they will try hard. Like the proven fake Russia, Russia BS. And the two failed impeachment attempts, on and on they try anything to stop him from running. Meanwhile 9 members of the Biden family are going to be called before congress sometime this week. Unlike Trump, they have solid evidence that Biden and his family took money from China and Ukraine. Hunter’s laptop is real and damming. Doesn’t matter though.. it’s all just a circus to keep you from noticing that Governments are at war with YOU. It’s not just the destruction of the middle class anymore, it’s everyone. Prices on food, gas, and heating will continue to be artificially raised. The plan is to suck out as much money as they can before… God be with us all.

  7. That must be the shore of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo river.

  8. Same herd of mongoloids on here every day…useless trolling bastards

  9. Pip pip old boy and a big here here!

  10. Man… four above anonymous has a real Kool-Aid mustache. What a crock of crap that paragraph was! I think I lost brain cells just reading it!

  11. Trump keeps settling out of court when he is about to lose. But judges have already imposed fines for charity fraud and ordered compensation to a rape victim. And in the current business fraud case in NY he is has already been found guilty.

  12. And witnesses suddenly die in prison. When Epstein didn’t kill himself guards and high figures of the prison who where in charge that day were awarded with better jobs afterwards by the Trump administration.
    And the rightards still blame the Clintons. 🤪

  13. Wait.. Trump killed Epstein? Talk about kool aid mustaches. Again, anyone here living in the US raise your hand…. I’m so worried about what’s happening in another country I can barely sleep. Even though it has zero effect on me since I don’t live there. But I’m so messed up it’s all I can think about. 🤣

  14. You should see a doctor! People who use emojis are scientifically proven to have erectile dysfunction! Even the ladies can’t get there willies up!

  15. Yes. Should have just used the word ridiculous to describe people who worry about other countries politics while completely ignoring there own corrupt Government. Sorry. I’ll try and do better. 😂

  16. Carl is being treated horribly, he is only doing what all our dully
    elected officials do, biting off as many chunks they can get
    away with.

  17. If he’s convicted, he’ll just have to settle for running for mayor of D.C.

  18. He admitted to having classified documents. He admitted to trying to delay congress. He admitted to asking someone to rig the election. Those are all felonies…then there’s so many witnesses, audio, video and photos…and all the people who were convicted of felonies they committed while supporting him and his crackpot conspiracies.

    It’s crazy that the people who voted for the “law and order candidate” are still planning to vote for a convict. Biden may be bad, but I’d rather have a bad politician running this country than the most corrupt president ever.

  19. Biden has a bad reputation but in all honesty he is a pretty average president, far better than Mr Narcissist.

  20. Biden will go down in history as one of the worst President’s in history. His VP Kamala Harris is already the worst VP in history. His poll numbers, due to his support for terrorists, the economy, the border crisis, Ukraine/China corruption, the fact that he and Obama committed the worst violation of free speech, (see the Twitter Files), and the fact that he can barely walk or complete full sentences and won’t drop out of the race has sealed his fate. It’s like Ruth Ginsburg. She refused to retire so Obama could appoint a new Supreme Court Justice, thus allowing rotten Orange Man to appoint 3. Thus overturning the abortion law. 100% her fault. What coming next November will be his fault. If Trump wins thank Dirty Joe.

  21. Bigmouth Trump chickend out of Zelenskyy’s invitation to visit Kyiv and end the Russo-Ukrainian war. 🐔 Probably better that way. Trump already killed millions of American citizens for his ego.

  22. That’s gonna leave some Carl Marks…

  23. Have you already forgotten that your GOP blocked Obama from appointing a successor to Scalia in March 2016, in the hope that they would win the elections in November? Biden is doing a reasonable job, he just lacks charisma.

  24. I remember that Canada’s courts did away with mandatory minimums for Pedos. But since I don’t live in Canada it doesn’t effect me. Kinda like Your example didn’t effect you IN Canada. Lives in other people’s business 24/7 but pays zero attention to his own glass house. Amazing.

  25. I always knew he is a perv. Thanks for the confirmation.

  26. Why his wife left him. To many Underage girls and men.

  27. No wonder he blaims Canada for everything. Especialy for prosecuting his crimes.

  28. List of “Crimes” please. We need the laugh.

  29. Go there. Pretty sure the authorities will hand it to you. You are sick and disgusting.

  30. I’m in Canada now bone head. We’re headed out in a day or two. No “authorities” said anything to me when I come or go. Which I do often. You live in a fantasy world.

  31. Spoken like a guilty man on the run. I hope they’ll get you. You sicken me. You are the reason society is sick. What you did to these girls. Bah. Perv!

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