Dad of Four Girls Tweets Hilarious Conversations With His Daughters

Most parents take pictures or film their children growing up, but James Breakwell has another way of documenting the precious moments he shares with his adorable daughters…

9 thoughts on “Dad of Four Girls Tweets Hilarious Conversations With His Daughters”

  1. 80% od these are fake. Uber fake. And I sat that as a parent to two kids.

    I can relate to the cat doctor joke, though.

    Cats > Fake tweets > Real tweets from POTUS > Dogs

  2. Yeah they are fake for sure. Catman still sucks tho.

  3. Responses from ‘4 year old, 5 year old, 7 year old’. Yeah right; I call BS. Fake news.

  4. Cheap jokes for a classic sit-com.

  5. My 7 year old was obsessed with building a super doo perpetual killer machines on Mine Craft with red block explosives, timers, box cars and all that. Now he’s a computer science major, at a prestigious university and will probably be DOD contractor, or an Apple engineer (think we need these access permissions app stuff) , but he’s vegan so everything is cool.

  6. Minecraft released in 2011 when “son” is 7. Add 7 more years to your timeline and I smell a big pile of lying 14 year old BS. Your “son” isn’t a computer science major. Your “son” isn’t at university. Your “son” is probably a pet hamster you have and you probably are 14 yourself.

  7. No u

  8. Owned by Uncle Sam. Ahhh the joy

    In other news, when Forza 7 launched on the xbox, my newborn baby enjoyed looking at the pretty cars. Especially the engineblocks. Now she is CEO of Microsoft Games, Europe. She is just so smart!

    Almost as smart as my cats (each of them are professors at Ivy League Universities. My oldest cat is 7 month old)

    Cats > Education > Fake stories on EatLiver > Feces > Dogs

  9. Heh. Kids say the darnedest things when dad writes their lines.

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