Bitcoin Millionaire

He's kind of a big deal. Kinda.

7 thoughts on “Bitcoin Millionaire”

  1. Lame. It would have been funny if the dude answered “No.” Basic bitches feel entitled to his wealth. As for what is “real money”, courts and governments all over the world think crypto currencies are real enough to be taxed and regulated.

  2. Fiat money is the fake shit. BITCOIN for the RULE.

  3. what’s gotten your panties in a twist?
    Getting paid in bitcoins or what?

  4. Is this like owning Zoom and Nvidia stock after a gook bank put?

  5. Making Damascus steel swords, ammunition reloader, gunsmith or diesel mechanic would be the barter jobs of the future. Of course we’ll all be farmers so I don’t include them.

  6. I demand that Landlord remove this post. Original poster used the words Zoom and Nvidia!

  7. So did you


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