It’s OK, Buddy


It's OK, buddy. When you grow up, you'll learn to do this on the inside.


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  1. You Know Who You Are October 21, 2021

    There comes a time when one must take responsibility for ones self and the world one created, the burning city centers, murders, the secular burkas, critical race theory, critical class theory, reclassifying disturbed men as women, mainstreaming sodomy, kid diddling, destruction of people’s means of making a living, baby killing, vaxes with baby parts.. and say I did this, it’s my fault, and stop crying, put your waving arms of angst down and apologize, hang your head in shame, because judgement day is coming and there is no escaping it.

    • Lame Ass Philosopher October 21, 2021

      Holy crap, you did all that??? No amount of hugging and apologizing is gonna redeem that, you’re going straight to hell, and rightfully so.

  2. Leftists still do it on the outside.

  3. Correct. Unless you’re a snowflake, and then you add tantrums and destruction of other peoples’ property.

  4. As rightards are psychopaths feelings are a strange thing to them.

  5. ^^^ … said the Leftist who doesn’t know what gender it is today…

  6. Are the owners of this site encouraging political ranting or do the memes just attract a bunch of loudmouth nutjobs? Dont get me wrong…. I like reading all the mindless posts spewing the party line and trying to blast anyone who believes differently but I also like the memes.

    • The right wing always loses the discussion and disputes. They have nothing to lead into the field against truth, facts and humanity. They false ways are exposed. So it is okay, I guess. The evil decays, the good prevails. Happy end.

  7. So the pro abortion people are the ones with humanity and are not the decaying evil. Got it.

    • As a man I say: Yes. Because forcing to a woman to carry out the child of her rapist is like raping her again. For nine months. As long as a fetus can’t suvive on his own it’s just a cellular extension of the mother anyways. Her body, her choice.
      Human women have to live with the curse of parasitic pregnancy. Many animals can decide when to get pregnant, put their pregnancy on hold or abort it. Humans are unlucky to fall victim to uncontrolled pregnancy, which is why it is called parasitic.
      Forcing women to stay pregnant is just powerplay. The power to control other peoples lifes. Once the child is born the conservative, religious cast gives a sh*t about it. It can die of hunger and cold if it is up to them. They want to force women to carry out a rapist’s child, but would they adopt the child after that? Hell no, who wants the child of rapist scum.
      Also it was surely the woman’s fault she got raped. Why didn’t she wear a burka? That’s the next what women in Texas and the U.S. will get. Christian burkas.
      This is just to get power over women. Claiming a god is involved helps. Religion is a vehicle to spread the hate. To those who mandate it it means nothing. They know there is no god to judge them. All they want is political power and social control. They don’t care about lumps of human cells or unborn children. They have them killed conveniently if they are in their way anyway.
      If it was up to me round up all religious nuts, lock them up in their churches and temples and light it up. Religion is like cancer. When it is allowed to grow it will destroy society and freedom. There is no other way. If you try to solver this with understanding and tolerance and the religious turmor will grow and try to kill its host – in this case democracy.
      The true evil is the duplicitous in out midst. Praying to a nonexistant god with folded hands hiding the gun between them.

  8. Thank you for making the point. Decaying evil is here to stay. Way to go!

    • All in all religion is losing ground all over the globe. So is evil. So there is hope for better times.

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