If Jesus Came Back, He’d Have a Question About The Cross

Just think about it. Where’s the logic in Christians worshipping crosses? That’s like JFK came back and found out Democrats are worshipping rifles to honor him. Makes no sense.

Just think about it. Where's the logic in Christians worshipping crosses? That's like JFK came back and found out Democrats are worshipping rifles to honor him. Makes no sense.

31 thoughts on “If Jesus Came Back, He’d Have a Question About The Cross”

  1. Ya’ll gotta understand how religion works Jesus, if you are not suffering you can’t
    become a member. Also by giving us most of you money you might be elevated
    for a top spot in heaven. Also you must be a believer of what is told to you, and be
    obedient no mater what is asked of you. When you join us you must hate and even
    kill the fools who joined other religions or sects.

  2. So, now, follow my irreligious hate and ignorance or I’ll mock you like a school child on this inbred website.

  3. Yay let’s mock Christianity, the only religion that will take no violent action against, because we’re so brave.

  4. What is interesting is had Jesus been executed using another means, would that instrument be the symbol of worship by his followers instead?

  5. The jewelry around necks would be tiny golden electric chairs.

  6. The religion of pain and suffering.

  7. There are anough violent alt-right gun owners. Killing people every day.

  8. Or a rope.

  9. Of course it would. Christianity is all about pain and suffering; ours, theirs, their neighbors or their neighbor’s dogs – doesn’t matter. If no pain and suffering can be brought to your neightborhood immediately, it is promised nevertheless.

  10. or snu snu

  11. So a man in a moomoo is complaining about cross dressing? 🤔

  12. Well, there’s a lot more Christians than any other religion. Over 30% of the people on earth. 2 billion.

    Plus, they’re all mature enough to take a joke, right?

  13. Christians devour their god.

  14. It’s funny how you can take centuries of religious beliefs and boil them down to a single word:
    B U L L S H I T

  15. I like your way of thinking here.

  16. The new religion, or cult, of the woke is best. Believe only in Government, Media and Corporations. I know that all 3 banding together is technically fascism but don’t worry about that. Just BELIEVE.

  17. LOL. It’s the GOP that’s embraced big government.

    Desantis signed over a hundred bills in one day. Did he even read them all? Then he did it again. How ’bout those surveillance drones eh? ya know what makes everything better? More bureaucracy, and fewer books. It’s the new GOP

  18. That would be a really good religion; the religion of knowing and recognizing the suffering and injustices that my fellow man has experienced. In other words being awake. That actually is what most religions teach but many of the followers of those religions ignore that part.

  19. Is there a GOP in canada? I hear it so much here that there must be.

  20. Nope.

  21. That moron again… How believing in facts? Yeah, but that would be too easy, right? Doesn’t fit the narrative. It’s even easier to believe in conspiracies. Just ignore every debunk.

  22. So the GOP is big in canadastan. Got it.

  23. We know you are a fake Canadian.

  24. GOP is big in the Christian Emirates of America. Women have no rights there. They already began fleeing the country to find refuge in free nations. Soon American men will have to choose between celibacy or becoming gay. GOP leaders f…ed them already.

  25. Women have no rights in America. 🤪😜.

  26. At least less than in many other countries. The U.S. are not at the top of the freedom list. It’s available online. Look it up.

  27. Name these mythical countries.

  28. Don’t you have access to websites to look this up yourself?

  29. Actually the cross represents resurrection. The crucifix on the other hand is a reminder as to the fact that Jesus died for our sins. This meme should have said crucifix’s, not crosses.

  30. Women have more rights than men in America. Research it.

  31. Your Daddy does like crosses.

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