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  1. Grey sausages.

  2. Black Ramen!!!

  3. Black sausages…

  4. Raspberry haggis

  5. Comment Baiters

  6. Invisible bread April 13, 2019

    Invisible bread!
    What an awesome name

  7. Blue Fruit Jelly Balls

  8. Naked Salad

  9. Red red beans

  10. Pink porridge

    I think sounds cool

  11. Gray scrambled eggs!

  12. The Black Croissants

  13. The Good German April 13, 2019

    Green Red Hering Salad

  14. White falafel… doubt it will catch on

  15. professor_fartybottom April 13, 2019

    I don’t think Grey Kebab are going to sell many records….

  16. A dogs bandname would be : “Naked Feces”. Which is quite something.

    A cat : “Furry Salmon” (or “No Whiskas”)

    In any case, Cats > Dogs.

    – CatMan (Blue Fries)

  17. funny_eater April 13, 2019

    Pink dogshit

  18. Halloween In April April 14, 2019

    Black Orange

  19. Oh dear …
    “White Power Bar”

    Can I cheat and be in “White Gin and Rhubarb Cookie”? Please?

  20. Yellow Snow

  21. Red Liver, of course.

  22. Naked banana

  23. The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut April 16, 2019

    I just imagined the genre of some of these names:
    Red Red Beans – mock off Jamaican Reggae band containing only white english middle-class boys.
    Blue Fruit Jelly Balls – Asian Pop, all girls, lyrics mostly giggling.
    Invisible bread – college rock, had a few gigs in a bar, nobody noticed, than split up because Pete’s father said he should concentrate at his law degree.
    Black sausages – Heavy Metal, one surprise hit after that the band toured for ever in shopping malls and of the radar talk shows.
    Green Red Hering Salad – Punk, tried to cut it in the business for years but than a kind soul told them they are 20 years to late and even by punk standards they are pretty shite.

  24. Black Banana, awesome metal band!

  25. German Machine Gun April 17, 2019

    Green Couscous.

    Sound environmental… Save the planet, man.

  26. This sucks

  27. Anonymous May 15, 2019

    black otter pop lol

  28. black soup

  29. Anonymous May 6, 2021

    Purple Cake

  30. Anonymous May 6, 2021

    Naked white rice. Lol.

  31. black jolly rancher

  32. Naked Your Mom

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