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  1. Where’s “Invading Ukraine”? That’s a pretty typical Russian thing.

    • Only if you believe that bs.

    • Anonymous March 5, 2015

      @Melvin: I’m.. you.. you know what? No – not even going to bother. Suffice to say: Russia is doing thing in the Ukrainian/Crimean area that it should be doing. Shove off.

    • Its on the same page with other invasions, such as Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and many others. If you check book called history, it’s written long time ago to whom belongs Crimea… And BTW on Russian Alaska is called Ice-Crimea . . .

  2. Is that bear on the taxi real?!

  3. A bear in the backseat is probably the best anti car theft device ever, but from the picture it looks to be a belorusian thing rather than russian.

  4. “New Year’s Eve”- ugh that’s icy water! Crazy!
    “Church”- Nope US is getting like that.
    “Breakfast”- salmon roe and vodka lol

    • Frozen lake temperature near the surface is roughly between 0 and 2 degree. In such condition they will be unable to swim and may lose consciouness after 15 minutes. The fact that their are drinking alcool will also quicken the drop of their body temperature. After 20 minutes hypothermia will start to set in, and they may be dead in 30 if they did not drown earlier. So, I hope they are enjoying their last new year’s eve.

  5. Vasya_From_Ua March 4, 2015

    All these things are real)

  6. Scary Emu March 4, 2015

    On the last one at least they didn’t use a Croc: could have been messy

  7. Sitting naked, eating caviar and drinking straight vodka, sign me up!

  8. That’s why nobody likes you, russia.

    • In each nation there are freaks and normal people. It isn’t necessary for us to be loved by all people

    • Well like it or not we’ll be doing our stuff regardless so get over it.

  9. When I saw that advertisement under the gallery I actually thought to myself, just Russian things.

    • Knowing much about my country, eh? Or just surfing leisurely looking at fake pix and *thinking* that you know? oh well never mind

  10. The couple chilling in the ice hole looks pretty good actually.

  11. The couple drinking a presume Vodka, will surely pass out drunk before hypothermia sets in

  12. Alex (Rus) May 15, 2015

    offensive. but its humor. so I’m Okay With That

  13. The architecture there is actually pretty cool, if you can appreciate it.

  14. The bathroom can’t be russian. Too clean and an actual toilet.

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