Incredibly Awkward Pregnancy Portraits



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  1. At the 2 basketball ones . . .

    • Because if people who have no other goal in life is to try and hurt other people how much sence does it make to only let the type of people Carry a gun to do harm when the others just want to not be a victim.

  2. SouthAmerican August 1, 2014

    What is it with Americans and guns???

    • en: because it’s the school shooting massacre season already
      es: es que ya empezó la temporada de tiroteos en las escuelas.

    • Border Guard August 1, 2014

      To keep away the South Americans.

    • God, guns and guts made America free. Be a servant to your government if you wish, we choose not to.

    • What is it with Islamic and guns??

    • LOL — why is it that “patriotic” trolls like YOU use screennames like “anonymous”?? There is no God, by the way – and guns are killing Americans, not making them “free”. What a stupid post.

    • Shrikant Chickerur November 5, 2020


  3. Redneck With A Gun August 1, 2014

    Dem pictures would’ve brought tears to my eyes if I weren’t so manly. Guns an unaborted fetuses are my two favorite things in da world… I also like NASCAR, Jeff Foxworthy and Duck Dynasty.

  4. Dinah Shore or Dinosaur? August 1, 2014

    Are those first two people Russians? Just askin’.

  5. Pretty sure Santa Claus isn’t a pregnant chick.

  6. Lewis Carrol August 2, 2014

    These pictures disgust me, that people could openly pose with a tool of destruction like a watermelon or an unsafe collection of building blocks, or whatever it is that that woman in the second picture is wrapped in. All of these things should be banned.
    Especially the melon, damn seeds get everywhere.

  7. Childfree by Choice August 8, 2014

    One of the world’s grossest images in the pregnant human. Get me an airsick bag.

  8. I was wrong.

  9. Carry a Gun – Keep Safe!

  10. The last one is OK

  11. I don’t get the little bitty midget legs… are they supposed to be her baby’s legs? That’s going to be one giraffe-looking baby.

  12. Hey red neck, amen to NASCAR!!! Oh ya and guns. Jeff foxworthy, meh.

  13. I hope #18 aren’t brother and sister like the original.

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