Just an Ordinary Day In Russia

13 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary Day In Russia”

  1. A lot of these could also be seen in the southern US on any given day. Mb not the bears…

  2. Old men are kissing Stalin monuments in the Southern US too?

  3. @TruePat No, but in a few years they will be kissing Donald Trump.

  4. I kind of like their sense of humour whilst I probably wouldn’t like what is perceived as just an ordinary day in the US of A which is some people getting shot.

  5. Replace bears with rifles, and you got a matching series of pictures again. And replace stalin with a slave-whipping confederate general.
    FWIW, the first picture was taken in Belarus. But then, don’t want to give too many hints, just looking forward to the day USA invades the wrong country due to the lack of geographic skills.
    Worth another pic series, US news geography fails. There was one where they mixed up Switzerland with Czechia.

  6. It’s kind of fun that in Russia there’s law prohibiting “gay propaganda” and they just can’t keep French kissing statues. During Soviet times when the leaders met, they just were all over their faces with tongues :)

  7. @Effendi
    I thought they mixed up the Czech Republic (part of the European Union) and the Chechnya (part of Russia), which are 3,000 kilometres apart.
    BY clearly is Belarus. But hey, it is as if we mixed up Panama and the US of A.

  8. Without tongues, surely!
    And you better not visit France, Italy or Spain then. They never were part of the Soviet Union, but, if you are able to make friends there, you may get a lot of friendly kisses, too. Surely more personal than high fives.

  9. Why don’t you come here and find out you *****

  10. Has it been 2 months already? Time for a repost ;)

  11. @Rick, we have television, newspapers and the internet over here in Europe, too. Most of us, including me, know that not everyone in the US of A kills someone, but the figures are quite high. Read the other day that the police in the UK have killed as many people in 20 years as the police in the US of A do on a daily basis. Can’t argue with that. Nice to see that you resort to profanity straight away. Guess you also pull your gun that fast if someone says/writes something you don’t like. Great person you are!

  12. Hey there aren’t any cats in this thread.

  13. A dicto simpliciter ad dictum secundum quid.

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