Double-Faced Cowboy Boots by Fashion Designer Shayne Oliver

Can you walk backward easier? Can you walk forward easier? No idea why the fashion designer¬†Shayne Oliver¬†is pushing this new footwear idea…

9 thoughts on “Double-Faced Cowboy Boots by Fashion Designer Shayne Oliver”

  1. Genius. Let’s see what celeb buys this BS.

  2. I think some of the models are crying.

  3. First, these are NOT cowboy boots. Second, cowboys, even the drugstore type, would not be caught dead wearing them. Third, these are an abomination to the eyes.

  4. Stop the world, I wanna get off….

  5. I know the feeling…

  6. Do they all have saran wrap around their forehead too?

  7. WHY……. JUST WHY????

  8. Picture number 4. . . . “Just KILL me NOW!”

  9. And yet people came to watch this and were even taking pictures.
    Humanity is doomed….

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