Crazy Body Modifications



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  1. W00t?? I was expecting the last image to be one photo of a certain person named Bieber.. But perhaps the Bieber-bashing is over? Have I slept through a revolution?

  2. Some are just freaks and that’s fine. For the others, I approve of their decisions. Like painting a target on themselves.

  3. Those things cost money, from where do they get it? Haven’t heard of any freak circus.
    Looking at them encourages me to support the NRA.

    • “The Lizardman” (5th pic from end) works at but also appears on TV worldwide.
      “Stalking Cat” R.I.P. (4th pic from end) was a USN vet, active furry, gender bender, avid gun owner most likely NRA, and a registered republican.

    • Snozzlebert Chesterfield September 24, 2014

      I imagine most of these folks have something called a “Job”, where your time and effort is exchanged for monetary compensation.

    • Yeah but who’s gonna hire those poor fux?

    • @Beef: I noticed how you just throw in NRA.

    • AMERICA IS DOOMED September 27, 2014

      This all began when Clinton began releasing demons from prisons.

    • Twerky's Foe December 6, 2014

      @ Beef Twerky
      “He stood out in the small town, and the local newspapers occasionally ran articles on him.[8] One article referred to him as a “cigarette-smoking, out-of-work, registered Republican who owns firearms…”
      Just because wikipedia posted a blurb quoting some newspaper article that can’t be verified doesn’t make it true. Stop taking things out of context to suit your narrative.

  4. Magnets. Strong magnets. … Then watch.

  5. This is insane! Pipo hv 2 much tym these day :O

  6. Good luck on that job interview.

  7. It was not a beauty… just horrible.

  8. The Lone Wonderer September 24, 2014

    I wonder how many of them have jobs…

  9. The extremes some people will go to in order to find some notoriety in their sad, pathetic existence. They neglect to remember that someday, Lord willing, they will be 70 years old and this will cost them dearly. What I really don’t get is the rather attractive young lady hanging out with #2 loser in the white hat.

    • She is immature and has little concept of the outside world. She sees the guy as being rebellious, but doesn’t realize that he will bounce from job to job (if he even gets one).

  10. The first chic is still v attractive

  11. lookitme! lookitme! lookitme!

  12. I like to live in a world where these people exist. My life would be much more interesting if I had a chance to pass by a few of them everyday on the streets.

  13. Must. Not. Click.’View full gallery’…
    Ugh, too late, my eyes!

  14. How do you spell “unemployable?”


  16. They got no attention when children.

  17. Making heavy body alteration was the way ancient population had to make them either more aggressive for fighting, or “shamans” to be more scary to support their “power”.
    Today this practice is growing for either show-business (the more “strage” you look the more your chances to be part of a some kind of show and make money) or to hide their internal psychological problems with external “masks”. Both reasons show they aren’t smart people, trying to pull society back of almost a thousand year.

  18. A bunch of pictures of the unemployable. Those idiots will never get a job.

  19. You know how in the wild, bright colored animals usually signify “Stay away, I’m deadly?”
    This is the human version of that, except we replace the word “deadly” with “unemployable.”

  20. PatronasKitty7 October 7, 2015

    This is just scary.

  21. The women shown in the 4th is my tribe… #The Apatanis of arunachal pradesh(north east India)….

  22. Anonymous June 20, 2022

    What kind of person spends money to look like this?

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