Have You Met Mr. Incredibeard? He’s Pretty Amazing!

He calls himself Mr. Incredibeard and takes his beard very seriously.

9 thoughts on “Have You Met Mr. Incredibeard? He’s Pretty Amazing!”

  1. This guy looks like a lot of fun! Great sense of humor, very creative! :-)

  2. Disgusting. So much bacteria in facial hair – skin particles, food, snot, saliva. Revolting.

  3. Well, the first two reactions pretty much sum up the internet. Close the comment section.

  4. Bathing regularly will ameliorate virtually all of your disgust. Or, perhaps in your case shaving/de-epitaliting all hair is the only answer. Joe Bob and me got beards and we bathe regular like – at least twiced a week – sometimes oftener. We find laundry soap works real good.

  5. Agreed: this is gross. I would never kiss a guy with a beard. It stinks, too.

  6. You know its not more than on your head if you don’t wash it

  7. Yep. It made me queasy.

  8. @Blackbeard – ever heard of gravity?

  9. Creative, but don’t eat or drink with your beard. That’s just nasty.

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