Gallery of Mouth-Watering Bacon Products That Actually Exist


Bacon Mints by Accoutrements

Bacon Toothpaste by The Gift Oasis

Bacon Soap by Outlaw Soaps

Bacon Condoms by J&D’s

Bacon Earrings by Graphics & More

Bacon Dental Floss by Accoutrements

Bacon Body Wash by Accoutrements

Bacon Air Freshener by Accoutrements

Bacon Wallet by Accoutrements

Bacon Flavored Toothpicks by Accoutrements

Bacon Scarf by MadCloth

Bacon Sunscreen and Bacon Tie

Bacon Shaving Cream by Stupid

Bacon iPhone Case by Zazzle

Bacon Lip Balm by Accoutrements

Bacon Bandages by Accoutrements

1000-Piece Bacon Jigsaw Puzzle by Aquarius


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  1. Krispy Pete May 13, 2015

    I’m so glad these things exist, as someone who has been decked out from head to toe in bacon since college and who has always drank blended bacon, ate bacon that was made to look like vegetables, driven a bacon car fuelled by bacon (alright then, I rode a pig to work), I was starting to think I was crazy. But it turns out everyone else does it too!

  2. Some of these are so gross. Bacon soap *shudder*. That puzzle looks like it would be hard though.

    • I just rub raw bacon on myself in the shower. The fat is excellent for soft skin.

  3. Just saying... May 13, 2015

    is there a theme here?

  4. Crazy people.

  5. Bacon meme… what’s next, Chuck Norris facts?

  6. Bacon isn’t that tasty.
    It’s a poor man’s choice of medicore dish, just so you can have an excuse to not eat hamburgers.

  7. PatronasKitty7 September 22, 2015

    I personally don’t like bacon. I think it’s just sad that a whole nation is obsessing over a food product. I still like steak though.

  8. Yay bacon ! Anyone who doesn’t find it tasty can’t have had decent bacon fried to perfection.

  9. Who else saw the gun behind the bacon soap?

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