When Anti-Vaxxers Say “Do Some Research!”


Actual COVID-19 vaccine research vs. anti-vaxxer COVID-19 research.


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  1. “Do your own research” = Look on the internet to find stuff you already believe.

    It’s called confirmation bias.

  2. Well, considering the caseload is being faked using a 99% inaccurate test, how can we believe anything we’re told?

    • Anybody watch Utopia on Netflix or the newer one on Amazon. Doesn’t sound like fiction now. Take the stab or lose your liberty. For a flu that 99.7 of people can fight off themselves.

    • You don’t need netflix to see the demise of people ignoring facts — history is full of them.

  3. I’m a little concerned about the animal trials of the Covid 19 vaccine. Many because there weren’t any. So I’ll just wait until you people who aren’t ignoring facts test it. Let me know how it goes.

    • Getting approval involves tests on tens of thousands of volunteers. Your ‘hero’ tried to skip this step, but the experts insisted on trials.

    • No animal test neccessary. It’s done on human cell cultures in the lab. Which is more accurate. Good for the animals.

  4. Well then you go right ahead take that stab mate. Get two! Good luck. Gods speed and all.

    • You bet! ( Two is what they are suggesting anyway.)

      Worked fine for Measles, mumps, and Polio. Nothing to be afraid of. It will be nice when ( if ) everyone has taken it so we can all get back to work and stop wearing these masks.

    • I wish there was a virus that kills stupid people. Antimaskers and -vaxxers extinct. Natural cause. So sad. That would be nice.

  5. People are allowed to have questions. Like why do we need to inject DNA altering substances into 100% of the population for a flu that has a 99.7% survival rate. Or why is a huge state like Florida completely open with no mask mandate doing just fine, while California is looked down and masked up under penalty of law, and cases are “out of control” Reeeee. Just take your shots and be the animal testers for the rest of us and quite whining about it.

    • The vaccine does NOT alter your DNA. It’s much less than 99.7% survival rate. Many have long term problems too. Quarter of a million dead, and you just downplay it. New Republican slogan: Ask not what your country can do for you…… ask how little you can care about your fellow Americans!

      Good job on repeating all that fake news though! “Reeee”

    • The virus manipulates your DNA, not the vaccine. The human genome carries many parts of viruses to which we are immune now. But they left an imprint on our DNA.
      The RNA vaccine is a wanted poster of the virus for your immune system. The virus will change your DNA.The virus reprogrames your cells to produce more viruses. That’s what viruses do.

  6. Wow. It all sounds so wonderful. You guys must be excited to get that shot! Most of us though, we’re taking the “wait and see” approach.

  7. Bad news… media released that the vaccine from 3 companies was not approved as a vaccine, but as gene therapy. It’s f#@&ing chemo! RUN AWAY! Or better yet get 2.

    • The vaccine is a piece of mRNA, created by gene therapy. It does not alter your genes. Are you being paid by the virus to distribute disinformation?

  8. OK, the first research you should do is “what is a vaccine”.
    The so-called “Covid vaccine” is not a vaccine.

  9. Even though it’s gene therapy, that wasn’t even tested on animals and has never been done on this scale and even though there is only a 1% chance you would die if you got the virus and even though there are proven risks of it damaging the ability of women to form a placenta, you people feel good about putting this into the bodies of everyone. Children included. Your monsters. Stupid monsters. Luckily you can’t force a person legally to take chemo. Law suits are already being filed.

    • Putting this virus into the bodies of everyone was not tested either. Nor was your gene combination ever tested.

  10. I watch the videos of all the people protesting against the lockdowns, the forced injections coming in Europe. The violence of the police against young and old alike. Globalization in action. And I wonder if it helps them understand how important it is to never allow the Government to disarm you. Australia is learning in real time. When your on you belly with the boot on your neck… it must be awful to realize you gave up your freedom voluntarily.

    • Keep talking nonsense — at some point you might start to believe it yourself.

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