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  1. WuFlu activist January 2, 2021

    UK hospitals are empty.

    • Bullshit Detector January 3, 2021

      I don’t know where you are in the UK but the hospitals around here are practically overflowing.

    • put them behind bars January 4, 2021

      Typical conspiracy nut fake news. One of those hoax morons visited a hospital in Germany to prove there are no covid patients. He strolled through empty floors and blabbered into his cam. Put all of it on his channel as prove.
      Turned out he didn’t visit the wing where the covid patients are. There was no intensive care there. He actually visited a nearly empty part of the building and spread his fake news like non-maskers spread the virus.
      And I doubt he didn’t knew what he was doing… Murder by social media.

    • Hospitals in my town are very much full. The best one in town has no room at the ICU.

      Too many people in town freak out at the idea of wearing a mask to help save lives. Those same folks are the ones who would love big government to take pro-life actions like outlawing abortions though. I guess they only want other people to sacrifice to save lives. So sad.

  2. The idea is to expose yourself to the threat as little as possible. Do you think it’d be better if they were jostling all the time?

  3. Because it’s all a hoax being used to push an agenda. And you have to know that by now. CNY NA! hint, hint…

    • Who, except a Bond villian, would gain anything from damaging world economy? Aliens?

    • KamalaToe Harris January 3, 2021

      Who, except a Bond villian, would gain anything from killing jews? Aliens?

    • What a rightarded comparison. People gained a lot from killing Jews throughout history. Kings and riffraff. It was the easiest way to steal their fortune and to find a scapegoat for whatever.

  4. Someone who doesn’t need the economy

  5. 99.7% survival rate. Think about it.

    • 99.7% ? We have a comedian. January 4, 2021

      What infection are you talking about? It certainly isn’t Covid19.

    • Milkmaid math. Thanks to Youtube everyone is an expert now. Fact is, 99.7% of people would be too stupid to survive a pandemic without draconic rules.

    • A quarter of a million Americans dead. Think about it.

      Remember when we used to care if a few thousand Americans died? After 9-11 we all stuck together. We put up with new security rules at the airport without freaking out about big government. Republicans didn’t even seem to mind that Bush was listening to our phones or torturing people in Gitmo.

      Wearing a mask to save the lives of fellow Americans is the right thing to do. We don’t need ‘draconic rules’, we just need to care about each other again.

    • Anti Masker Bob January 5, 2021

      The mask is a symbol against free speech.

  6. Stop it, not even the CDC or WHO believes those death numbers. People with gun shot wounds die of Covid. No one in the world has died of old age or flu in over a year. Abortion is the #1 killer globally, 43.6 million, and no one seems to care about those deaths so why destroy the worlds economy over a flu with a 0.03% death rate. Shut off your screens and take a walk and it ALL goes away.

    • Google “excess mortality” and get informed about the facts.

    • “Abortion is the #1 killer globally,…” If so, it’s only because it is illegal in many countries and women die during the procedure. Pro-Lifers are vicious killers.

  7. Google haha. Yes. The most vicious of killers.

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