Romantic Kissing In The Rain #CoupleGoals

I think I took the gum from your mouth. No gum. I have a cold.

19 thoughts on “Romantic Kissing In The Rain #CoupleGoals”

  1. As she sucked up his mucus ball, she shouldn’t have chewed it.

  2. She can suck my mucus ball anytime

  3. Only if she’s vaxxed and boosted right?

  4. Canada claims excessive number of strokes in recent months is because it’s “stroke season”. Is there a season for blood clots and myocarditis as well? Asking for a friend.

  5. That’s conspiracy. Everyone knows stroke season happens every 4.5 billions years on earth.

  6. Conspiracy theories are becoming more accurate with sudden death

  7. What you are observing is assisted suicide, the Trudeau Liberals have
    instructed all coroners to confuse the public. I can see it’s working. Sly
    bastards aren’t they?

  8. Yeah, it’s hard to say.

    On one hand you have a million Americans and millions more people all over the world who died of Covid.

    On the other hand, you can look online and some guy will tell you a story about someone who got blood clots or something.

  9. People die of little idiots floating in the air. In he human body they can cause heart inflamation and organ damage. Sometimes they clutter in a mass and form a conspiracy nut.

  10. Loooool. Captain Obvious believes in stroke season.

  11. At this point everyone who is being honest knows the vax is killing people or their vaxxed and to scared to believe the truth. Either way the deaths won’t stop. In the end the numbers will decide who’s right.

  12. The numbers already that decided you are wrong. Months ago. You should get out more.

  13. Okay. Sudden Death isn’t happening. Any where. Especially in people who took the gene therapy. It’s a “Conspiracy Theory”. Just keep telling yourself that. And don’t exercise or walk too fast. It’s stroke season in Canada. 😂😆

  14. Are you even aware that you are commenting on a December 2022 study on strokes in Canada in the 2017-2018 fiscal year? As usual, facts are not your strong point.

  15. Overall death rates in Spain now reported at a 36% increase. Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.. nobody is saying the deaths are not happening, they all agree they are. It’s why the deaths are happening that causes the problem. so please, do tell, why are people dropping like flies in YOUR opinion? And if you are just going to deny the deaths are happening then you’re vaxxed brain is toast. No one is denying people aren’t dying suddenly in record numbers. Not the point. Tell us the case wise one?

  16. Half the excess death is still people succumbing to covid. The other part has a number of causes like a heat wave this summer, the pressure on the health system due to covid, the flu that catches up with us after two years of absence. The available statistics do not indicate that vaccination is the cause of excess mortality, however much you want it to be otherwise.

  17. 1600 excess deaths a week now in Spain. At least you admit now that there ARE excess deaths. Young people and healthy athletes don’t just drop dead of flu. These are heart attacks and strokes in unprecedented numbers. These numbers will continue to rise and study after study now shows it’s damage from the vaccines. People will be held accountable either by the courts or by the people themselves.

  18. Please name one of these studies.

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