How The World Sees Your Country

21 thoughts on “How The World Sees Your Country”

  1. Heck yeah! pew pew . . . . pew pew

  2. Austria?

  3. What, no U.S.?

  4. Nm, musta had a mental block from seeing it.

  5. Letters and parcels to Austria often end up in Australia. Only to be then sent to their original destination. Austria is a neighbour of Germany, within the Alps.
    The Austrians sell funny signs and t-shirts in their shops. It’s an australian road sign with a kangaroo but it says: “No Kangaroos in Austria!”

  6. Awesome!

  7. … that wasnt meant to be funny or even something to be proud of. You are quite tragic and, well, the world hates you.
    Oh well, just a matter of a few years now.


  9. This about depicts us. Sorry

  10. pew pew pew

  11. Daily reminder that the people who hate murca are usually not as cool.

  12. Cup of tea, anyone?

  13. Just replace the image of “how USA sees USA” by the image of a globe.
    Sadly this also works better for the other comparisons, because this is more how USA thinks of “NOT USA”
    Certainly most europeans don’t.

  14. Indonesia?

  15. Correct, most europeans don’t think

  16. Yeah, sad isn’t it. Estados Unidos Mexicanos (The United Mexican States) didn’t get a mention.

  17. Or they just don’t like America, I don’t mind America apart from the over the top Christians.

  18. Haha. Dogs are stupid.

  19. yes please, two sugars if you don’t mind! home baked scone anyone?

  20. @pavlo you’re correct good sir, we do not think, we investigate and on the balance of all probabilities, we are certain!

  21. I didn’t get the ‘How world sees Japan” one.

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