Awesome, I Love Working!


So our company has this cool thing... where if you do your job very well you get to do other people jobs too.


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  1. … and that is without extra pay.

    And if you don’t then we will move all jobs to India where they are paid 1/10 of what we would pay you.

  2. And if you can’t do your job, just run and hide like a Justin-the son of a French-Canadian ***** and Fidel Castro.

    • He is the best PM. Go vote for Trump

    • @Anonymous cuck
      Justin is a hypocrite. He’ll wear blackface while telling you to stop being racist. That’s who you’re supporting, you dumbass.

    • And you moron vote for the hypocrit king Trump. You have no power here.

    • @Cuck it’s pretty obvious that #Convoy22 is Canadian so how can he/she possibly vote for Trump? The only moron here is you.

    • Maybe. But he would. Same thing.

    • Cuckvoy. Hihihihihi.

  3. We have this really cool thing, where if you struggle, work hard and somehow miraculasly keep your own head above water, you get to pay everyone else’s bills too. It’s called socialism…

  4. Wow, lotta Bieber hate here.

    • Sounds like you have him pegged. HAS to be unvaccinated.. You can just tell..

      “These people hold unacceptable views and are expressing them”.

      – Justine Pierre Trudeau

      If that’s not an out of control dictator then I’ve never seen one. But we all have. We just forgot. Thanks for the reminder socks.

  5. Anon, what Evil Thrives? February 4, 2022

    I so old, I remember when everyone believed that Canucks were reasonable and polite. This Convoy thing, curb stomping inoffensive strangers and stealing from soup kitchens and shitting on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ( seriously, WTF? ), has proven that a chunkie are just garden variety Fascists. Regards to your buddy Putin, guys.

    • Populism makes people into animals.

    • 😂🤣 There’s cameras everywhere! None of that happened. Lies won’t save Trudeau. The world sees what’s happening there and they support the truckers and are laughing there butts off at cowardly little boy Justine. Or tail between his legs Pierre. Curb stomping inoffensive strangers.. Hahaha stop… my sides…🤣😂

    • Maybe you should watch real media before you post. All over the globe antivaxxers attack police, reporters and medical personell. And they send death threads to politicians, scientists and all those who oppose them. Throwing in windows, terrorizing their families and setting cars and houses on fire – with no regard for the children still in there. Terrorists.

    • I don’t think your watching the News Buddy.. Sounds more like a Netflix Original to me since none of what you said is even remotely true. Throwing in windows.. burning children.. mabe lighten up on the drugs and get more sleep.

    • And you should turn of Fox news and Breitbart and get out more.

    • He can’t. He’s not vaxxed. 😂
      Yet pretty sure he waxxed before the pandemic when he got a tinder date. 🤣

  6. We don’t have all that nonsense here. Never have. We just go about enjoying our day. I can tell what kind of place you live in by your bitterness. I think you have vaccine regret. There’s a support group for that. Getting bigger by the hour. Good luck on that 7th shot. Hear it’s pretty tough.

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