So Our Company Has This Cool Thing…

People who are great at their job get rewarded with even more job and unpaid overtime. Only total suckers give 100% at their corporate job hell. Never give more than 50%!

So our company has this cool thing... where if you do your job very well you get to do other people jobs too.

12 thoughts on “So Our Company Has This Cool Thing…”

  1. Sorry to rain on your parade, but *EVERY* company has this, from the smallest “mom&pop” business, to the largest mega corp…

  2. *yawn*

  3. Anonymous: Amrikan.


  4. What’s Amrikan?

  5. Anonymous March 14, 2024 = Amrikan

    Arrogantly using American references as if the whole eatliver community is American.

    We are not. And neither do we care for your parochial world view.

  6. Thanks for the interpretation, Joe. Your assumption that myself and/or every “Amrikan” has a parochial world view is, in itself, parochial. Well done. Thanks for the chuckle.

  7. Stop using four syllable words, they stump the majority of Eatliver

  8. I work in a DIE shop, and that’s about it.

  9. Who died? You killed them?

  10. Boeing killed their whistleblower in the parking garage of his hotel. For Sure he was Epsteined.

  11. Dear Anonymous

    Not all. Just you. See you next Tuesday x

  12. Being Epsteined. Conservative way of committing suicide.

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