Makes Sense

Sorry, Susie. I can't treat you. I'm a family doctor, but you're an orphan.

10 thoughts on “Makes Sense”

  1. Thanks Obama Care

  2. True. Without Obama Care she would have had the change to die on the street like a dog. God would have wanted it.

  3. chance

  4. and with Obama Care she could have been aborted.

  5. The last people on earth who should have control over Americans health care are Democrats that screwed it all up with Obama care in the first place. If you like your health care you can keep it, LIE. If you like your Dr. you can keep them. LIE. And he knew every time he said it. But vote for blue no matter who right….

  6. If you are so good at spotting lies, why did you vote for Trump?

  7. Voting for Killiary Clinton then would be as stupid as voting for Biden now. The Democratic Party is in caos. Maybe in 4 years. Maybe.

  8. And the republican party is not? It’s not much left of them. They are just Trump’s personal party now. Like Hitler had his NSDAP.

  9. I may not be an American but if I remember right it were the republicans blocking Obama’s reforms and by that ruining Obama Care for everyone. Later Donald did the rest. It’s more like Republican Trump Care now.

  10. Haha. America is still America. We don’t have dictators. That’s the EU. If you don’t live here and get all your info from the BBC and CNN please spare us your leftist diatribe. Don’t you need to renew that television license? Haha. Clowns.

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