Happy Birthday Linux!



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  1. Linux would obviously be you reveice a good (not perfect, but good) cake somebody ordered from the central well regulated store.
    Windows is you might receive a great cake somebody bought at a trusted store at the end of a Homerian journey, but you might also just receive shit in a blanket acquired from a local meth head because your friends and family legitimately can’t tell the difference.
    MacOS is you receive a cake and it’s great and you’re also gay now. (And your friend is broke.)

    • I love how you managed to bring gays into Linux post. Obsessed much?

    • Kind of, since I’m also gay.

    • People who go around saying “Look at me, I’m so gay!” are no different from those that go around saying “Look at me, I pork every broad I can find”. Neither are tolerable for long.

    • I was kind of asked. You both need to do some soul searching I think.

    • My favorite part was with the cake.

  2. The cake is a lie.

  3. It must be at least 10 years since I’ve needed to compile a Linux kernel myself.

    • The North Remembers August 31, 2017

      I’ve been using Linux since 2006. Never had to compile a kernel. I have baked a few cakes, though. No lie.

  4. I just lost The Game.
    Cats > The Game

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