Competitive Salary: What Does It Even Mean?

Have you ever wondered what the hell does a “competitive salary” even mean? Some people assume that it means “high salary”, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

What does "competitive salary" even mean? Your salary will be competing against your bills.

5 thoughts on “Competitive Salary: What Does It Even Mean?”

  1. That’s like putting a 2 year old in the ring with Mike Tyson!

  2. HR is not your friend. Their job is to brag about paying top dollar for top talent, then dump the suckers into cubicle hell at sector average +- 1%.

  3. Be glad you can be a slave in America. Where every inmate thinks his large prison is freedom.

  4. Competetive Celery is the latest thing. It’s like curling, except you slide celery sticks across a counter top made of ice, and use pastry brushes to guide it. 🥌🖌️👩‍🍳

  5. You have to ask the interviewer if the salary is competitive with
    McDonald’s or a UPS driver. Don’t ask you get what you deserve.

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