Are You Taking Me To The Hospital?

No sir, you need top medical experts. Just a regular hospital with those dumb doctors won't do you any good. We are taking you to the comments section!

8 thoughts on “Are You Taking Me To The Hospital?”

  1. Looks like a excellent candidate for triage and the waiting room.

  2. He is in safe hands knowing the Eatliver crowd will give excellent advise.
    If he is a leftist he’ll probably die, if a right winger will thrive with all the
    support he will without a doubt be getting.

  3. He clearly needs an Ivermectin enema!!!

  4. Why do we even have hospitals?

    They are just full of these smarty pants know-it-alls. They don’t really know anything. I bet they went to liberal schools too.

    Don’t trust em. Do your own research sheeple! It only takes me a few hours and a good internet connection to know more than that doctor who studied for 8 years, and practiced for another ten. I love to learn from this great youtube channel too. This guy is so smart. In the last week, he’s told us how to fix the economy, pay off the deficit, and bring peace to the middle east. Brilliant! He says I should stock up on horse meds before they run out at the IFA. I could always drink urine too, so I don’t need no stupid jab!

    Would you call a plumber to fix your car? No? OK, then you should know that this was all sarcasm.

  5. Good satire. Right wingers won’t get it and celebrate it.

  6. Doctors are all part of the great conspiracy. ALL of them. Since the stone age. Except those who ask you for donations to run their anti-conspiracy channel and sell you homeopathic sugar balls. They never practiced because fighting the system is so demanding. Please donate.

  7. You make me gag! Thanks to you I threw up a giant
    hair all. You saved my life!!

  8. Probably

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