Are You Taking Me To The Hospital?


You need top medical experts. We are taking you to the comments section.


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  1. Those idiots are carrying him wrong!

  2. Well I stayed at a Holliday Inn express last night, AND I did lots of ‘research’ on the internet too……

  3. He has pancreatitis.

  4. former Marine December 9, 2020

    This meme wins the internet today.

  5. The guy is clearly in the process of being eaten by a banana. We need a banana doctor, or Bananarama, or a bandana. In my expert medical opinion.

  6. Common Sense Sez December 10, 2020

    He is doomed! Doomed I say! The comments section will reduce him to a mis-stated and misunderstood political blob. It’s just a matter of time before he is trumped out of existence. He’s just biden his time.

    • If he’s American and not member of the 1% then is dead no matter what. Slave lives don’t matter.

  7. TDS is my guess

  8. Clearly he is suffering from Recto-Cranial Inversion.
    In my ex spurt medicinal openion, of coarse.

  9. Dave Mary Pat June 6, 2021

    IN South Florida, you can do better some days with the comment section. And it won’t cost you hundreds for nothing.

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