Coffee Or Tea?


If flight attendants were allowed to say what they really mean... or how they really feel about their crappy jobs.


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  1. I guess Hot Chocolate won’t pop out of the thermo bottle and start singing….

  2. state enforcer of face burka's and funny walks January 31, 2022

    Where is the secular face burka?

  3. Snidely Whiplash January 31, 2022

    Where is Justin, he’s not on the plane? Could he be on another plane? Is he singing by himself on an eastbound Ottawa train or is he in an institution, quite insane?

    • He’s in headquarter ordering vaccine chemtrails.

    • What do you expect from Fidel Castro’s prodigy.

    • So it’s Fidel now not that other guy. Wait, isn’t he long dead? Oh, right. Far right people believe in ghosts and resurrection of long dead presidents.
      Puhahahahaha… I can’t breathe. Haha. Ha. Mercy.

    • Justine is Fidel Castro’s son. Everybody knows that. Justine is a communist, everybody knows that. Now he’s a coward, but everyone already knew that.

  4. Seen before so many times January 31, 2022

    Never gets old..

  5. Neckerchief like that, she should be handing out Scooby Snax.

  6. Everyone is incorrect, it is simply two women engaging in a game
    of verbal forplay.

  7. Booyah baby

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