Hi, It Looks Like You’re Too Young To Remember Clippy

Remember Clippy? He was the unsung hero of Microsoft Office, he was the original AI wingman, always popping up at the most inconvenient times to offer unsolicited advice. Those were the good old days before Chat GPT…

Hi, it looks like you are too young to remember Clippy. Would you like some help with getting off my goddamn lawn?

28 thoughts on “Hi, It Looks Like You’re Too Young To Remember Clippy”

  1. I remember Clippy! (no matter how much I try to forget it.)

  2. I remembered last time. And the time before that, and the time before that etc..

  3. His sibling Roach Clippy is even older, but much more fun to hang with… 🌱

  4. You used to be able to install a few of em, but Clippy was the best. The doggo was a close second.

  5. His name is Clippit, not Clippy. Look it up.

  6. His Name was “Karl Klammer”.
    And now .. he’s dead.
    Nobody misses you

  7. The official name is Clippit but even microsoft has been using “Clippy” in some of their marketing materials. So the name stuck.

    But hey, at least we weren’t given an amazon link to an Office 2000 CD.

  8. The pedantry on this website is so bad, we have people correcting others on what a fictional talking paper clips name is!

  9. Nope. There’s no OFF button, but you can just NOT COME BACK and achieve the same.

  10. It’s only pedantry when you are a sloppy.

  11. It’s a form of mental illness. People with extremely low self esteem find ways to point out any mistake, no matter how trivial. These people usually live in their parents basements well into their 30s. Both pedantic and pathetic all at once. Truly nasty people. If you could call them people. Maybe Trudeau will put them first on the list in March.

  12. Clippy predates Brandon running naked through the observatory residence.

  13. Why do we even have comments?

  14. So you can ask, dummy.

  15. Well.. because for many it’s their only social engagement. Also without them what would be the point of having the site. Just poor material cycled over and over again and again.

  16. The ex-Canadian Trudeau fetishist needs a family.

  17. You can’t entrust that weirdo with a woman and – God forbid – children.

  18. Most antivaxxers are pedos too. That’s why they don’t want their children near a hospital or doctor.

  19. It’s telling that you’re mind went there. Very telling. Hope you’re caught soon sick fuc*.

  20. Just learning from them rightards.

  21. Think as I think! Believe as I believe, or your “enter terrible term here”. Sad.

  22. It has to be done…………..you’re*

  23. Pedantic people are so messed up and sad. Maybe Justine will add them to the March Madness lineup. One can only hope.

  24. As long as you are on the list, we all are ok. 👍🏻

  25. He is not on it cause there is no list.

  26. I know. He does know.

  27. He’s schizophrenic. It’s all in his head.

  28. It’s “She’s” schizophrenic you sexist pigs. You’re assumptions have been wrong from the start! Says alot about group think.

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