Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?


Finally, an honest answer to this overused and tired question employees love to ask!


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  1. One of the many stupid questions designed to insure they only hire liars.
    The only thing worse than this is to ask about honesty – it ensures you hire good liars and naive folk, the liars become management and screw up the company because the naive can not fight back.

  2. TiredOfMorons December 18, 2021

    Or…they are simply interested in see how ambitious you are and if the role matches the candidate’s future plans.

    It would literally be IMPOSSIBLE to recruit someone purposely for the reasons you mention. How exactly would the recruitment training go?

    I’ve spent 22 years working for global brands, most of that time has been spent in middle management and I can assure that what you are implying is absolutely farcical and utterly ridiculous.

  3. John’daman December 18, 2021

    Sounds as though Anonymous sat through an interview or two, and had that
    question presented. Obviously you showed no ambition, and didn’t make the cut.

    • Another "Anonymous" December 18, 2021

      Not everyone had Daddy pulling the string in the background, I guess.

  4. All hiring is done based on diversity now. There is no other metric. “White people”, what ever that is are only 6% of the global population. So 94% of earths population has brown/black hair, brown/black skin and brown eyes. Hiring them over the 6% is called diversity. When that 6% are the most diverse people on earth but ok. Welcome to the world of lies.

  5. Discrimination on a never before seen level. Standards lowed, criminal histories overlooked and unqualified individuals working in jobs that could harm people. Welcome to globally ac excepted bigotry. Way to go!

    • Entitled Person December 19, 2021

      Evening the odds is not discrimination of the former discriminator. Grow up… and some balls.

  6. Dead from a new Covid variant…

  7. Damien Thorn December 20, 2021

    Ambition in 5 years?;
    Hysteria over: AGW, WuFlu, Trans story hour for the children, baby killing, Abomination of desolation’s standing where it ought not. Worm wood impact. Stuff like that.

    • Did you already recover from your hysteria over steam engines running faster than horses, photographers stealing your soul and the government releasing your slaves?

    • American Bob December 20, 2021

      The Party(D) has been mad at Republicans ever since we took their slave away from them and freed them. They rejoined The Party later though when goodies were to be had.

      Steam Engines were made a work horse of the modern era by Americans. Thank me very much.

      And stealing souls was a belief of several Indian nations which makes you a racist.

    • Trump admitted he got the booster. All follow the narcissist hypocrit!

    • Pathetic. Steam engines were invented in Britain and were used there first as engines for mine pumps, for industry and the raleway. Thank them. American realy think they invented the wheel, no doubt.

  8. You so silly EUro…say American realy think they invented wheel.

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