Leadership and Courage

11 thoughts on “Leadership and Courage”

  1. Someone please explain the joke, because IIRC, churchill was considered a complete nut job for a while there in insisting that Hitler was a threat. This makes no sense. This is stupid.

  2. It’s irony. Something that most Americans just cannot understand.

  3. Ad hominem attacks and bashing people based on their (assumed) nationality… well done, truly you are the paragon of linguistic proficiency.

    While this could be construed as “ironic” in that one would not – in any context – expect Churchill to say that “he talked to Hitler and he didn’t do it” – it’s closer to some form of low sarcasm.

    If it’s in relation to the trump-putin summit – it’s still nonsensical because no one would ever equate trump with Churchill – except perhaps in relation to trump’s treatment of China. I can see some correlation there. (Whether or not China is actually as big a threat is a different matter altogether – and a case could be made for such)

    I’m not completely up to date on all the “news” but I just don’t see how this is funny.

    Please enlighten me, oh-brilliant-non-American-one.

  4. I think the one in the picture should be Neville Chamberlain. Not Churchill. Google Chamberlain and appeasement.

  5. Typical American, no sense of history, no sense of humour and basically no sense

  6. True. Nothing like waving a piece of paper around to ensure peace.

  7. There aren’t any real Yurps on this site, they always skip over the futbol jokes. Imposters.

  8. Not all of us like football. It’s called soccer in the U.S. Your president said so. The ball Putin gave him was quite to big for Trumps tiny hands.

  9. Thanks, I needed the laugh…

  10. Church bombed first

  11. Less irony, more lacking in understanding what makes something amusing.

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