Going to Church in a Nutshell



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  1. And for those Vatican priests,,,,,
    think you forgot the “kneeling” down part
    lots and lots of kneeling :-(
    And that folks, is why the catholic church is being sued for
    $$$ millions and millions of dollars
    And of course why there are sooo many empty “catholic church’s” :-(

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob December 26, 2015

    Joe Bob here… Bubba’s out catching snakes for our church service. Not much sittin’-an-sing’n, but a whole lot of dancing around with the snakes. Thnx fer yer attention.

  3. So kinda like kindergarten with more singing?

  4. How about the drink?

  5. This IS the best and funny stof I ever seen.

  6. Most prosecuted but let’s leave dat 4 anoda day. Share with us also how its done in satanism,hindusim,buddism,judasm etc… I’ve picked up that when one pokes fun at anoda,its usually cos they r envious or love dem. Also when u r da centre of attention it means u doin sumtin right. Forget all my comments and receive my appreciation for the free publicity of our faith. God bless u with more desire for Him.

    • So you are saying if someone is making fun of something they are envious or in love with it? And when you are the center of attention you are doing something right?
      So i guess by that logic americans love or are at least envious or ISIS and also ISIS is doing something right for being in the center of attention.
      Thats the kind of logic and reasonable arguing that i would expect from someone who is gullible enough to believe in the bible. Which company do you know of that was caught running a child rape ring for hundreds of years but hasnt lost its customers? Yeah you need to be brainwashed to still believe and put your trust behind these people.
      Hope you wake up soon and free yourself from your self imposed enslavement.

    • Jesus wants you to put down the bible and pick up a dictionary

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