Going To Church In a Nutshell

Stand, sing, sit, stand, sing, sit, stand, sing, sit... Well done, have a snack!

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  1. That would be “Church in a nutshell,” not “Christianity in a nushell.”

  2. Prosperity gospel “churches” / (pyramid scheme cults), Pay your tithes, (10% of your monthly income), worship the “pastor” (extremely rich businessman), go to “bible studies” (brainwash sessions), spend 5 days a week “voluntary” work (modern slavery), abandon your family, sell all your posessions, emigrate to another country to spread the cult.

  3. The bunghole atheists get haired off because they feel their own impotence even as they see the good people run everything. R’amen!

  4. Don’t worry EatLiver and it fanbois will be eating crow soon enough. That is if the vaccine doean’t kill them first.
    The “Maricopa County Chain of Custody Failure” report details Verity Vote’s investigation into 740,000 illegal ballots.

    Maricopa County Chain of Custody Failure
    740,000 Ballots Have No Documented Chain of Custody

    Verity Vote has conducted an investigation of Maricopa County’s ballot chain of custody for the 2020 General Election.County records used to document retrieval of early voting ballots from vote centers and drop box locations reveal numerous violations of Arizona election law.

    The violations identified are important because failure to maintain chain of custody and properly document ballot retrieval and transport makes it impossible to verify the origin of the ballots counted in an election.Arizona Law outlines specific requirements for secure ballot retrieval and chain of custody procedures for the transfer of voted ballots from drop boxes and vote centers. Maricopa County officials violated Arizona law and do not have the required chain of custody for at least 740,000 ballots.

    According to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, “keeping a proper chain of custody is more than a best practice ─ it is essential to encouraging trust in our democracy.” EAC advocates for thorough, detailed chain of custody. “Chain of custody documents provide evidence that can be used to authenticate election results, corroborate post-election tabulation audits, and demonstrate that election outcomes can be trusted.” The Arizona legislature understood the need for ballot chain of custody and included that requirement in Title 16. The AZ Secretary of State, Governor, and the Attorney General agreed on the requirements for voted ballots deposited in Early Voting locations in the 2019 Elections Procedures Manual (EPM). The EPM identifies the County Recorder as the party responsible for implementing procedures to ensure proper chain of custody of ballots.

  5. Haha so funny how this site is always tearing down Christianity but never any other beliefs. Islam, Jews etc.. seems like poorly designed propaganda but hey, it’s your site. Anyone that can’t figure out the purpose of sites like this deserves what they are going to get in the years ahead.

  6. “Hey, is there a bar around here? Man, it’s all the same! All religion’s the same!”

  7. To the Eat Liver editor.
    Did Father Nielsen give you a private lesson in wrestling holds?

  8. You invested a lot of time writing that nonsense. Wow. Better invest that time in getting vaccinated.

  9. What impotence?

  10. Islam is boring and you fascist did enough jokes to the Jews, don’t you think?
    Oh, of course. You DO NOT think. My mistake.

  11. It’s all a scam.

  12. Eatliver editors can’t be religious. It’s a fun site. And the religious nuts do not know humour. See comments.

  13. It would be hard to illustrate EatLiver’s level of knowledge (sic) more clearly than this.

  14. Christians in the UK laughed at this. Christians in USA had a sense of humour failure over it.

  15. Oh, how funny. Now, how about a meme about Islam?

  16. Never happen. Ever. Same with the Jews. Only Christians. See they know the strength of it, so they must destroy it. The Left tries to destroy anything descent anything good. It’s just how they roll.

  17. The left is the ultra-conservitive Islamic and Jewish people. Doh! /S

  18. Strength? What strength? Can’t be strength of the mind. All people of faith (no matter what religion) are weak minded.

  19. Yah, that doesn’t make sense. But that wasn’t your intention in the first place, was it? Could be complete unability also. Yes. Yes, let’s take the second option for you.

  20. What knowledge?

  21. Just keep telling yourself that.

  22. Incomplete:

    Stand sing sit, stand sing sit, stand sing sit, give us your money, stand sing sit

    have a snack (you paid for it)

  23. Send your child in for the holy molestation.

  24. He speaks in riddles as atheists are the fastest growing group. So, no impotence. More like omnipotence over religions.

  25. Muslims like girls, christians like boys.

  26. Exactly. As ignorant the cosmos is wide.

  27. Or marry a 9 year old

  28. Believe isn’t knowledge.

  29. Not so uncommon among Christians so long ago.

  30. Happens daily in the “enlightened” countries in the the Middle East. Along with a staggering amount of other crimes against humanity but ok…

  31. Go to the Middle East. You can do that and buy slaves. Good times.

  32. In the US you could buy slaves not long ago.

  33. Today all Americans are slaves and taught to think they are free people.

  34. Over a century ago. But you can buy slaves, even children TODAY. Right now. Defend that. I’ll wait.

  35. Why would he defend slavery? He didn’t day it’s a goo thing. You are just envious you can’t own slaves yourself.

  36. That guy there would love to own blue heaired girls for his amusement. Perv.

  37. Standard Leftists response. Personal attacks but no substantive debate. This is why the Left is doomed in this years elections. People see through the nonsense now. And nonsense is all they have.

  38. You don’t respond to facts so they attack your woke feelings. It works.

  39. He can’t respond to facts. Familiarize yourself with Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s theories about stupidity and you will understand why. The antivaxxers are the same people that enabled the nazis who killed him.

  40. You already posted this. This is what happens when you let the Government give you experimental gene therapy. It’s okay Lil GMO. We know it’s not your fault. Hugs.

  41. Your hug is deadly. You are lost.

  42. Let him hug you and you get a knife in the back.

  43. See.. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  44. Means: I ran out of arguments so I throw with insults and poo.

  45. It’s not an argument. If you took the jab, you are now a genetically modified organism. And even though they told you it was temporary, they are now admitting that it’s not temporary. Your a GMO. Deal with it.

  46. You have no clue what you are talking about. But you are not admiting it.

  47. Justine Trudeau is not a dictator. The vaccine doesn’t make you a GMO. They had to vaccinate the entire population for a flu with a 99.8% survival rate. There is no medical reason to wear masks especially children but you have to wear masks, especially the children. Russia is going to invade Ukraine.. any second now. Biden got 80 million votes. Far more then Obama. CRT isn’t being taught in schools. The lockdowns worked and were necessary. The Globalist New World order is a myth. The vaccines are safe and effective. How stupid can people be?

  48. Ask the CEO of Pfizer. He’s the one that said it was gene therapy.

  49. Prove it.

  50. There is a reason they are called “rightards”.

  51. Google it. 🤣😂. Use duck duck go. Google is redacted garbage. Everyone knows that.

  52. So no prove from your side. What a surprise. 🥱

  53. Well.. to be honest I just don’t care enough about Covid to waste time on it. It’s over here. No mandates, no masks, no Government overreach like in Canada. Some people got the vax, some didn’t. But it doesn’t matter anymore. Your can ignore the heart attacks, strokes and Immune system. The people just collapsing on TV. The 108 dead professional athletes, etc.. etc..Just ignore the problems right up to the point that you won’t beable to ignore them. Either way, since Im a pure blood and not a GMO, it’s of no concern to me. Like Trump derangement syndrome and Covid mass hysteria, you need to move on now. Unless you live in one of the many new Marxist Dictator countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.. Then you need to focus on getting the hell out because it’s only gonna get worse.

  54. The problem you keep ignoring is a million deaths.

  55. No time for Covid Covid Covid! Or Trump Trump Trump! It’s all the same Marxist noise. Meanwhile in Canada all 5 major banks are off line. Worry about the real world.

  56. The vaccine uses tiny fragments of genetic material to force the human body to produce spike proteins. This requires gene therapy.

    GMO: Organisms in which the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally.

    If you took the vaccine your a GMO. Sorry. Facts are facts.

  57. The body doesn’t naturally produce spike proteins. It has to be made to produce spike proteins and the vaccine does that. Makes that modification. So yes, temporarily you might be technically a GMO but only until the vaccine is broken down and removed from the body in a week or so. It’s no big deal. Lots of things are genetically modified now.

  58. Wrong. That is a priest and it is called Roman Catholicism… Catholics in a nutshell, not Christianity.

  59. Odd, Atheist who do not believe in God seem to spend a lot of time talking about Him.

  60. People willing to under go genetic modifications for a flu that has a 99.8% survival rate. Governments not telling people about the genetic modifications and at the same time forcing people to take it. How can you act like this is normal?

  61. No, the vaccine does not use genetic material but mRNA. The facts are that your genes are NOT altered at all.

  62. Governments are not telling people about genetic modification because your genes do not get modified at all. Goverments are also not telling about unicorn blood in the vaccines, because there isn’t.

  63. Actually no. We talk about the people who believe in him and that are threatening us on a daily basis.

  64. “99.8% survival rate” is a 2 year old number. It lower actually. You need an update.
    And your compassion for those who lost the “0,2%” of loved ones is touching.
    You are just a terrible person and it shows.

  65. The vaccine has killed more people then Covid has. And those deaths won’t stop. AIDS on the way. Have fun being a GMO. We’ll kept our human DNA intact thanks.

  66. What a fact-free moron.

  67. Are you saying that your body does produce the spike protein naturally? That our bodies have always produced the spike proteins for hundreds of thousands of years? No. Only modifications to your genes can make the body produce spike proteins. I don’t think you understand what the vaccines do inside the body. Go to the manufacturer’s site and read about.

  68. No, I am not saying that my body produces this spike protein, The vaccine is a piece of mRNA, which triggers cells to briefly make spike proteins (mRNA is rapidly broken down again to not overproduce proteins). Normally your cells will make mRNA to transport the blue-print of a protein from the DNA to the actual protein-producer, as any basic biology text book will explain. Now we hijack that process by injecting the blue-print. The vaccine does NOT alter any genes in the body, you therefore do not become GMO. Any virus uses a similar technique: they use the cell’s natural protein production capacity to reproduce themselves (as viruses lack any reproduction mechanism). So if you mis-classify my as GMO because of the vaccine, then you are also GMO because you will have been infected by viruses in the past.

  69. That has been explained to him many times. The process is too complex for him. Explaining AND mRNA.

  70. Right. The vaccine introduces mRNA that alters your cells to force the body to produce something it does not produce naturally. We agree. Now tell me how you can hijack cells, change there function in order to force them to produce cells, the spike proteins, that are not and never have been Natural to the body without gene therapy?

  71. mRNA is a messenger molecule containing within its chemical sequence the detailed information on the chemical sequence of a protein. A ribosome just reads this information and then makes this protein, just like you can make any dinner by following a recipe in a book. Normally mRNA is made in the cell nucleus, by copying information from your DNA. Now, in stead, the vaccine is a shot of mRNA into the cell. And the ribosome just does what it is told to do, make the protein coded in the mRNA. The DNA of the cells remains unchanged, so after the mRNA is removed the cell is back to normal. In gene therapy, the DNA is changed so the cell keeps making mRNA that codes for the inserted protein. But the vaccine does NOT do that. In virus-infected cells, however, the virus makes the cell produce the mRNA that instructs the ribosomes to make the proteins that the virus needs.

  72. Very well stated. Thanks.

  73. Still not taking it.

  74. Your cells don’t get altered.
    They just get new tools to produce spike proteins. Once the tools are used up they stop and return to their ususal production of proteins. The mRNA is not repoduced and finite. You just use up the amount you get with the shot. After that your immune system has learned to recognize the spike protein and will attack real viruses.

  75. Also virus-infected cells die after they used up all resources to make more viruses. Vaccinated cells return to their former state.

  76. So it’s just stubborness. Or fear of a tiny needle.

  77. Waiting for more data. Wanting until the trial is completed. You get that it’s still a medical trial that won’t be finished until 2023 right? Been just over a year and their making the 4th shot. Thinking ill wait since at my age I have a 99.8% chance of being just fine, where as the experimental vaccine with only a years worth of data is looking worse and worse. Doesn’t even seem to work. Everyone I know that’s vaccinated has had Covid. So… not now thanks. Maybe later.

  78. Still waiting for the data that covid is safe for release in the human population…

  79. The vaccine works: the rates of deaths and the severity of the virus are much lower in vaccinated people. The mRNA and the induced spike proteins are out of your system after a week or two, and all cells are back to normal. The reason for the repeat shots is that the human immune system is poor at remembering this particular virus. That problem also affects the unvaccinated: they get re-infected. At your age you should be more worried about the serious side effects of covid. Not to mention that you spreading the disease might kill innocent others..

  80. Vaccinated people spread the virus just the same as unvaccinated people. My girlfriend is triple vaxxed and has had Covid 3 times. Twice she was asymmetric so wouldn’t have even known she was a spreader. Without the test, she’s a nurse so they test alot, as do I. We sleep together every night and all that that entails, have for years, yet I remain uninflected. She regrets her vax, lots of lady problems, but work forced it on her. I’m going to wait until the trial is finished, then decide.

  81. The fact that thats a problem for people tells you Everything.

  82. That’s actually not true. Vaccinated people spread a far lesser load of viruses than unvaccinated people. That’s why the vaccines still work in this field too.
    You not getting infected shows that the vaccines work. Good fr your GF.
    But she should quit her job. She’s not fit for it. Maybe she could work for a voodoo doctor.

  83. So she’s had Covid 3 times, and was spreading the virus 3 times, 2 that she she wouldn’t have even known about if not tested but I, unvaccinated have never spread the virus to anyone and have probably been tested 10 times more then her because of my work. Okay doky. Voodoo logic I guess.

  84. What? You are dumb, aren’t you? Read again.

  85. Your “girlfriend” was never vaccinated — she would deflate.

  86. OMG *lol* Post of the day.

  87. If you have been vaccinated your going to get Covid. How many times do you have to read about people like the Queen becoming infected. No, no..“If your vaxxed and boosted and you get Covid, that just shows the vaccines are working”. I can’t even imagine the level of brain washing that these Covid Cult people have. Jab away jab away jab away all. Those of us with intact human DNA will miss you. A little. But if you were dumb enough to take it.. maybe its for the best.

  88. Your understanding of statistics is as poor as your understanding of biology.

  89. Public Health Scotland stops publishing data on Covid deaths and hospitalizations by vaccine status. Wanna know why? Because Covid case rates and death rates are driven BY the vaccinated. But that can’t be true! Right wing propaganda from racist Trump supporters! Oh wait.. it’s true. Well.. that just means the vaccines are working! I agree. The vaccines are DOING just what they were designed to do. See ya.. wouldn’t wanna be ya.

  90. Malaysia and several other countries doing the same. They want to reduce the “Fear Factor”,(their words”) about the rapidly rising cases and deaths in the vaccinated.

  91. Scotland and other countries claim the data is being misused by anti vaccination campaigners. So.. the real data shows the truth so.. just stop publishing it. Never underestimate the stupidity of vast swathes of people and here’s proof. They will still line up for that forth jab. And the 5th and the 6th and the 7th.. etc.. God help em.

  92. Public Health Scotland does NOT stop publishing data on covid deaths and hospitalizations by vaccine status: “What we are going to do is do a lot more on the vaccine effectiveness side and try and make people understand how effective the vaccine is.”

  93. Bloomberg.com. Their Leftist and it’s their story so.. The data shows clearly that the vaccinated are driving the numbers. Countries with the highest vaccination rates have the most Covid. Same as the different States in the US. Data doesn’t lie. But lets cover that up and focus on the effectiveness of the jabs so more people will get jabs even though the jabs are not effective and people aren’t taking them anymore because their not effective and to many vaccinated people are ending up in hospital and and many dying and everyone see’s that for themselves. Every single person I know at work and in my own family who was vaccinated got Omicron. Every. Single. One. It’s the same for everyone I’ve talked to. People know it is but just can’t admit that their wrong. We are seeing Mass Formation psychosis in real time and it’s amazing!

  94. The narrative is falling apart. Drivers all over the world have now learned that you don’t have to have a convoy and risk losing insurance, your license, your accounts frozen and your pets put down by #black Hitler. All they have to do is shut them off and wait. New York city for example has a three day supply of food. Three days. Shut off the trucks and the mandates will vanish. They won’t have a choice. Truckers are in control of everything. Are the elites gonna get CDL’s haha right..

  95. Fun thing is they don’t. Most people and truckers are not fascist terrorists like those truckers.
    If you shut off the food supply for a city like NY it is definitely terrorism. Don’t forget you are not terrorizing the government. But all the civilians trapped in the city. Like any other terrorist from the right, the left, islamic or christian. Don’t whine when the New Yorkers lynch you on the next street light…

  96. Just using BLM/Antifa tactics. But they weren’t terrorists. The Left loved them as the burned businesses and beat people in the streets. But the Truckers are terrorist. Vaccinated Brain Logic. See it alot lately. It won’t just be NY. If they stop everyone is screwed. Until they life the mandates. Watch and see.

  97. The data don’t lie, indeed, and they show that the vaccine drastically reduces the impact of covid on infected people. Far lower hospitalization, far fewer deaths. Countries with high vaccination rates are opening up while covid is still going round. The vaccine works. Of my family and friends , three ended up in hospital. One old lady recovered very quickly, two students are still not recovered after a year. All three got covid before the vaccine come. I do not know a single vaccinated person that needed medical attention. The vaccine works. The psychosis is yours.

  98. The US Convoy is off and running. Good thing they built a concrete wall around the White House right after China Joe got in. Minimum estimates once it gets going is close to a billion a day. This is what happens when you go from a democracy to a show us your papers society in one election cycle. Not going to end well because they won’t be able to lie and call them racist or terrorist like #blackface Hitler did. And if they send out thugs to beat them in the streets like in Canada the American people will step into the fray and they know it. And we’re not unarmed Canadians. It’s a lose lose for the Democrats who are already losing. Popping the popcorn 🍿. Gonna be good.

  99. And they can’t take money or freeze accounts because if they did most Americans would just stop putting money in the Banks. Bye bye Worlds economy.

  100. This a last try at prevent progress progress come anyway. NWO needed can’t stop

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