17 thoughts on “So a Whole Chicken In a Can Is a Thing… Bon Appétit!”

  1. If you cook it with rice, it’s really very tasty.

  2. While whole chicken in a can is gross looking, keep in mind you would look about the same if you were packed into a can. Just saying.

  3. Looks more like chicken in a coffin

  4. If you think about it, it’s a coffin.

  5. Looks like an alien – the ones who kling to your face. Now they are here. Be afraid. Be very afraid. In space no one can hear you scream.

  6. American food for American people.
    Everyone else thinks it’s biowaste.

  7. White people for ya

  8. It’s rare for these birds to still be intact when you open the can (judging by my five minute Google), but this person managed to cook it until it collapsed in on itself.

  9. Thanks Obama

  10. That’s not racist at all Tom.

  11. Someone is defo killing and canning poor wee aliens!

  12. The real biowaste is Eurotrash.,,,,,

  13. @Bobby: It’s not racist if it’s against whites. Don’t you know anything?

  14. When I was growing up in the 80’s, my mom applied for goverment assistance after my parents seperated. The goverment gave us cans, and other non-perishable items of food, that had no pictures on the labels. The packaging was solid white, with bold, black typing that stated what the contents were, along with the words “GOVERNMENT ISSUED”. Whole chicken in a can was always supplied. It always freaked me out when my mom opened the can and the chicken slid out, making a loud slurping noise and plopping in the pan, like some alien fetus being birthed. We also received peanut putter in a Pringles-type can (cardboard, lined with foil, and a plastic lid). The peanut butter was the consistency of Play-doh, and could not be spread on anything, even when heated (it tasted like peanut butter flavored Play-doh). Even at a young age, I knew I should be grateful that we had food to eat, but I hated those two items more than anything.

  15. Dear Anonymous,

  16. It’s absolutely garbage.

  17. You sorry righties are hateful fecks.
    Try and enjoy life.

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