I’ve Waited So Long for This Moment…

11 thoughts on “I’ve Waited So Long for This Moment…”

  1. for the love of god, WHY?

  2. Aint it obsious? He had to git across the rode (or is it road).

  3. Aaaaaand torrent of bad chicken jokes begins… now.

  4. why did the turkey cross the road? because the chicken was busy.

  5. Technically, that’s a rooster

  6. Technically chicken is a species. Not a gender. Hen is a female. Rooster is male

  7. Cats > Chickens

  8. As my crazy Uncle Jerry (R.I.P.) would say,
    “If yeh take the bones of a cat, and yeh move ’em around a bit, …it’s a chicken.”
    …Which is also the reason why my cat is named chicken.

  9. Okay? Okay.

  10. Cats taste like chicken.

  11. Chickens should be allowed to cross the road without having their motives questioned.

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