Famous People With One Tiny Hand


14 thoughts on “Famous People With One Tiny Hand”

  1. wat?
    Why is this a thing?
    Why am I enjoying this so much!?

  2. That little guy from Game of Thrones. Did you have to go there?

  3. Just why?
    And definitely not enjoyable if you are older than… 5?

  4. agreed

  5. As a challenge someone should do one of these for the late TV presenter Jeremy Beadle.

  6. So Obama and the Clintons considered celebrities?

  7. Why is this missing Marc Dillon?

  8. Communists/Dems and Labor have one tiny hand? What do they do with that hand?

  9. Disagreed. I’m six and really enjoyed it.

  10. 5 and a half, loved it !

  11. Now I know why Al Pacino said, “Say Hello to my little friend!”

  12. this is what would have happened if we evolved from crabs

  13. This comment is the funniest thing about this post.

  14. Woman in green dress is not a celebrity.

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