Guy Becomes Best Friends With Celebrities by Photoshopping Himself Into Their Pictures


Aspiring actor Lorenz Valentino has created a series of hilarious pictures of himself spending some quality time with various celebrities. Enjoy!


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  1. Thorfinn Skull-splitter July 7, 2016

    Too bad that Queen Elizabeth at 90 years old is too old to chop this creep’s head off.

  2. Cats > Crocodiles

    • CatMan has recently learned what this “>” means … and now it uses it everywhere

    • Knock knock.
      Who is there?
      Bu who?
      Dont cry, Buhuhu!
      Furthermore : Cats > Buhuhu.

  3. The Logical Psycho July 7, 2016

    Beware! He’s got a plunger!!

  4. I hope he doesn’t get sued for copyright infringement.

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