We Are All In This Together, Guys


If celebrities can stay home, so can you.


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  1. I wounder what all the homeless in California are doing? Same thing they have been doing?

  2. The politicians and the TV pundits all have huge mansions, and they stay crazy stuff too.

    • As you are all free Americans it is your own fault if you are not rich and save. Don’t blame them. They are obviously better and worth more than you. MAGA

  3. And yet people like you (eatliver libtards) are the first in line when you need opinion about politics and YOUR life.

    • Exactly! A republican would never go online to get their opinions from someone or listen to what rich people have to say.

    • Crooked Trump March 27, 2020

      Hey, read my newest tweet, dammit!

  4. Geckolover May 3, 2021

    I stay home a lot anyways. My house is small, but I live in the woods; it is secluded, and very peaceful. However, grocery delivery is not an option in my area. I still had to go out to get food and stuff.

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