Purritos: Cat Burritos

11 thoughts on “Purritos: Cat Burritos”

  1. CatMan is gonna love this…

  2. Excellent content. Lots of cats!

    This site is going to be massive popular the next days. Congratulations to all of us.

    Cat Burritos > Feces Burritos > Dog Burritos

  3. You are fake.

  4. This is NOT the way cat is served in Tijuana. Skin’em first, BBQ, then serve on corn tortilla. Any flavor of salsa is acceptable. Muy Fanstastical! Even better than dog.

  5. That’s just wrong. Everyone knows cat tacos are served with diced onion and cilantro.

  6. Muy triste. No kitties in Venezuela. No dogs, no donkeys, nothing to eat.

  7. Isn’t despotic socialism wonderful?!?

  8. No one said ever.

  9. Two to go.

  10. Purrito? Better Warm Cat – Hot Dog is already taken.

  11. So cute.

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