Cats Who REALLY Love Taking Baths

9 thoughts on “Cats Who REALLY Love Taking Baths”

  1. “I will kill you in your sleep!”

  2. It looks like the movie “Gremlins” wasn’t such a stretch.

  3. *shakes head*

  4. I hate stupid people how think that cats need to be washed… Most cats hate water,so that’s just cruel.
    Cats are washing themself and it’s working perfekt for ages!


  6. I used to live in Florida and we were constantly battling fleas. So I often had to wash three or four cats. It was always a circus!

  7. You’ll be dead by tomorrow dude

  8. Yeah, not happy! Cats really don’t like to get wet. I had a white Persian and so occasionally had to bath him as he liked to go outside. He “Let me” bath him but he never liked it!

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