20 Cats That Really Don’t Care

6 thoughts on “20 Cats That Really Don’t Care”

  1. Any pic of a cat is a pic of a cat that doesn’t care at all.

  2. Tomorrow: “0 Cats That Actually Do Care”

  3. These were hilarious. However, cats are evil creatures from hell. They look evil and do evil.

  4. I think all these cats do care, a lot. Look at all the trouble they’ve gone to in changing their surroundings to meet their needs, or to sit in a place that maximizes their chances of being warm or getting petted. I like the first pic – smart cats everywhere like to sit on pizza because it’s warm and it smells good, and sitting on it can be the only way to make sure no one takes it away.
    And, regards to JoeBob and Bubba.

  5. Cats are just the best ^.^

  6. First pic with the pizza: “You idiot! You forgot my anchovies! ”
    Fav pic: the man sitting with the cat’s butt in his face. Our cats do that every time!

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