Cats Making Stupid Faces

14 thoughts on “Cats Making Stupid Faces”

  1. hahah soo cute x3

  2. Some of these images (the third one for sure) are of dead cats that were the end result of bad taxidermy skills. Oops… Funny just turned to creepy.

  3. You are either a bit visually challenged or just plain stupid.

  4. hahaha, I laughted tears… so funny… starting from pic 7, this finished me totally…

  5. I do not want to hate cats, but makes it impossible for me not to…
    …more Russians, please.

  6. I take it you don’t mind hating Russians?

  7. It’s turned into Icanhascheezburger Part Deux: The Revenge of the Lolcats.

  8. the 11th pic is what u call a WET!!! Cat…. ;)

  9. i hate cats but i love dogs

  10. and so last season

  11. Go to Russia, there’s millions of them there.

  12. none of these are taxidermy fails lmao,,,, one of them i know is disabled (bub!) and thats why she’s making that face. i also know nala and she’s very well alive.

  13. can I download these pictures?

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