The Most Popular Cat Sleeping Positions




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  1. Felinefancier November 9, 2015

    Who the hell lets their cats sleep in/on their beds with them?!?!

    • The proper question is “What cat in its right mind lets their human sleep in/on THEIR beds with them??”.

    • Like I get a choice? If the cat decides to sleep on the bed, I can do one of three things:
      1) Pull my ankles apart to give him space.
      2) Try to remember where the first aid kit is, because I’m going to need it.
      3) Get up.

  2. PatronasKitty7 November 11, 2015

    What cat in their right mind would let a HUMAN live in their house?!! Disgusting!

  3. Close the door. They’ll cry about for a bit, then sleep somewhere else.

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