Cat Hall of Shame

9 thoughts on “Cat Hall of Shame”

  1. I want to know the story behind the last one.

  2. It destroyed the blinds.

  3. I’m trying to think of what to put on the sign for this kitty:
    Maybe “nobodys puuurfect” or something like that. Kinda wanna go with “the end of humanity” though.

  4. That thing with the socks, and most other problems with cats, are the result of not keeping the litter box clean. CLEAN THE FRIGGIN BOX EVERYDAY! A Cat’s mind just freaks-out having to use a dirty box.

  5. Pricelss!

  6. My Cat poops & pees in the kitchen sink even though she has a perfectly clean litter box not 10′ awat!

  7. I love the “Bad Cats” and all the comments about bad cats. Over the years we have had too many to count – at one time we had 14. Now we are catless. Wonder how long that will last? Or could my wife bring home a little doggie?

  8. #3 really has issues.

  9. Peeing on hamster and puking in fish bowl. Amazing.

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