So Cat Butt Tissue Dispenser Is a Thing Now…


Finally! Cat Butt Tissue Dispenser is a thing you would (obviously) want, so somebody made it. We have all seen regular boring tissue dispensers, but this time it’s the cat’s turn to hold the terrible burden of storing your tissues in its rectal area.

Take a tissue!

To use it, just load in a box of tissues through the bottom of the cat. Then just pull out the first tissue to get it started, and you’ll then be good to go. Whenever you need to blow your nose or need a tissue for whatever reason, just walk over to this elegant cat statue, and pull some Kleenex out of its arse.

Just pull it out!

We can’t think of a more hilarious conversation piece for your home. Your guests and family will remember the cat butt tissue dispenser for years to come. In fact, it will most likely haunt them and they may ask “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

Cat butt tissues are the best tissues.

The cat butt tissue dispenser is made from durable resin that will survive bumps and falls, so you know this is a durable cat butt, and has a realistic look that actually looks like a real cat (which might make it more disturbing). It measures 12.5 inches long x 9.25 inches wide (32 cm x 24 cm) and fits square tissue boxes perfectly.

Need a tissue, lol?

You can get this weird thing on Amazon, if you feel like spending your hard-earned money on dumb stuff.


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  2. Meh. Get back to me when the tissue dispenser that is made from a taxidermied deceased pet becomes available.

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