What Do You Think About When Cashiers Make Remarks?

Do you like to have small talk with cashiers? It’s probably a hell for introverts. Thank God for self-checkouts!

I hate when cashiers make remarks. Oooh, someone is hungry! Why don't you shut your stupid mouth, Shannon. Goddammit, woman!

18 thoughts on “What Do You Think About When Cashiers Make Remarks?”

  1. People trying to be friendly or cheerful should be beaten. How can a person
    trying to have quiet thoughts deal with such rudeness?
    No wonder there are so many grumpy people.

  2. Ditto

  3. CDC Deputy Director acknowledges publicly that vaccines cause serious health issues. Finally admits that Covid vaccines are causing long term debilitating health issues and “hopes people get better”. These people need to be in prison.

  4. Always gamble. You can win 100%, 1000%, 100000%. The sky is the limit.

    While the max you can lose is just 100% (mathematically proved)

  5. The vaxxed gambled and lost. So when are the apologies to the unvaccinated who were right all along coming?

  6. It still beats the hell out of self-checkout. Whenever one of the employees sees me standing in line to pay a human and says something like, “self-checkout is open”, I give one of two responses depending on my mood-
    1. “I don’t work here.”
    2. “Do I get an employee discount?”
    Either one usually shuts them up, although I had one or two grab a key and open up another register to check me out!

  7. Good grief, two ignorant fools in a row. The majority of the million plus Covid deaths
    were to unvaccinated people, a great number who did die after being vaccinated were
    either the elderly, or people with compromised health issues.
    Yes, some people are having long lasting issues due to the vaccines, but had they not
    got vaccinated may have died of Covid.
    Now do the world a favour and shut the f- – – up!!

  8. You certainly have one nasty pet peeve, hope your next shopping adventure
    works out better for you.

  9. 2000 rubles have been paid to your account, comrade.

  10. Fake story about fake facts from a fake user. Traitors and foreign spies like you belong in prison.

  11. Vaxxed and still winning. Antivaxxers dead, I live – win.

  12. Right, people. Apologize to the antivaxxers for being still alive despite being vaxxed. It looks like they were wrong all along. They don’t want that. Apologize, dammit! *lol*

  13. So it’s rude when people act friendly or cheerful ?

    Interesting take.

  14. American friendliness at businesses is fake.

  15. I LOVE IT! There are so many negatives to self-checkout, I couldn’t begin to list them. It exhausts me just thinking about the many bad experiences.

  16. My heart pumps purple pelican puke for you. Boo ho ho.

  17. Outsorcing the work to the customer and charging higer prices claiming it is better service. Neoliberal sh*tload.

  18. I had a cashier like this once.
    The lady behind me in the line was buying sanitary pads.
    I was expecting “Wow, do these wings really work?”
    The cashier said nothing.

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