Cash Only: Take Your Cream Cheese Elsewhere

These days many people are trying to pay for stuff with all kinds of weird currencies. It all started when Bitcoin became popular. After that thousands of weird shitcoins emerged. Now it’s getting even worse – some guys want to pay for things with cream cheese!

I'd like to buy a bagel with cream cheese. Sorry, we only take cash.

9 thoughts on “Cash Only: Take Your Cream Cheese Elsewhere”

  1. Benedict Arnold was not an American traitor, he was an English hero.
    Most American patriots were English traitors.
    This is my perspective, making me correct.

  2. Seems legit.
    I’m talking about the cream cheese btw.

  3. If your talking politics you might as well be talking about cream cheese! At least one won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth!

  4. you’re

  5. Punctuation dude!

  6. Grammar Nazis. The first sign of mental/emotional damage. Looks only for flaws in others and gets off on correcting people for tiny meaningless mistakes. Only way for them to feel any power in their pathetic little lives. Usually are bullied by a fat nagging wife or Mother. Or both. Will live a life of quiet desperation working a menial job and die early from stress.

  7. Only a sign of you not paying attention at school.

  8. Go home to your nagging wife. Or more likely Mother.

  9. Cash is passe… unless it’s Johnny.

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