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  1. My favourite joke about Canada was from an episode of 30 Rock. Steve Martin asks Liz Lemon to run away with him to Toronto – “It’s like New York without all the stuff”.
    Ahhh, I love my hometown. And I love all Canadian jokes. Being Canadian is awesome.

    • Or, as Robin Williams said, “Being Canadian is like having a really great apartment, right above a crack house.”

  2. I’ve been to Canada and seen the taxes. The health care is definitely NOT free. Everyone pays for it, even us tourists.

    • The Good German April 27, 2017

      Why not. Would you prefer left in an alley to die as a tourist ’cause you didn’t have to pay taxes? Oh, that would be the US, right?

    • Prince Leo April 28, 2017

      If you’re stupid enough to travel to US without paying a travel insurance, it’s not my duty to afford your possible health costs. Freedom needs responsibility.

    • The Good German April 28, 2017

      As a German I am always insured. Even overseas.

    • Prince Leo April 29, 2017

      And with the money I save not paying your health insurance, I pay mine =)

  3. No single payer April 27, 2017

    You can go to the hospital after a 6 month wait in Canada.

    • I was in the hospital for polycystitis five weeks following diagnosis. My co-worker was hospitalized the day after her breast cancer diagnosis. My friend was hospitalized the week following brain tumour diagnosis. We are all still alive, healthy and in full retention of our houses and other assets, and my personal wait time for various other medical appointments tends to be about a week for non-emergency matters.
      In all fairness, there was a six month wait for my brother-in-law’s knee replacement surgery, but that wasn’t an urgent matter and if he had really wanted it that desperately, he could have paid out-of-pocket and had it done privately, just like an American.

    • @Rattus Canucks can’t play hockey and their beer sucks.

    • @Usonian, are you claiming that Canadian beer is inferior to American beer? Hahahahaha, oh jeez, that’s a good one.

    • Bear Whiz Beer – it’s in the water!

  4. Flossy McHookerpants April 27, 2017

    1 Canadian Dollar equals 0.73 US Dollar.

    • The Good German April 27, 2017

      1 Canadian Citizen equals 0.91 US Citizen.

    • Flossy McHookerpants April 27, 2017

      How many shcmeckles is a Canadian citizen worth? Probably barely enough to get a used plumbus and have 50 flurbos left over.

    • Prince Leo April 28, 2017

      Last time I checked, Canadian salary was still crap.

    • @Leo, Mr. Rattus and I are working class people, and yet we own, free and clear – mortgage completely discharged, a detached house with parking near the centre of one of the most expensive cities in North America. We did this entirely via paycheque – no lottery wins, no inheritances, nothing. You RWNJs always seem to forget that while, yes, we pay higher taxes, we don’t have to pay $1,000 a month for health insurance, and we don’t have co-pays when we go to the doctor, and we don’t have to sell our houses when we break our legs, unlike the Idaho-residing sister of a friend of mine.

    • At one time 1 US citizen = 4/5 of another US citizen. That cultural heritage never caught on north of the border.

    • Prince Leo April 29, 2017

      @Rattus is that your amazing “free” health care? http://bit.ly/2qpRVpM

    • Prince Leo April 29, 2017

      “The statistics are worrisome: for a population its size, Ontario has the fewest hospital beds, the worst nurse-to-patient ratios, the lowest number of physicians. Yet it has the highest number of bureaucrats.”

  5. Lazier Than Thou April 27, 2017

    That explains the wait times.

  6. Prince Leo April 27, 2017

    Free health care is the most expensive, slow, and low quality option of health care.
    It takes decades of studying for health professionals to become experienced doctors, nurses, researchers, etc. Only brainless libtards think health services comes out of nothing.

    • The Good German April 27, 2017

      Right, smart Princes prefer no healthcare at all. Just don’t get sick. Smart!

    • Perhaps you didn’t read of my experiences with Canadian healthcare above. Not really surprising since conservatidiots don’t really care to acknowledge any information that challenges their own worldview (witness the popularity of Fox, Limbaugh and Breitbart), but let me assure you that you are completely full of crap.

    • The Good German April 27, 2017

      If it contradicts their feelings about something its fake news, Rattus.
      Alternate facts are more adaptable than real facts, easier to understand. And they don’t contradict your gut or religious feelings. Therefore must be better, more true.

    • Prince Leo April 28, 2017

      I prefer to keep my freedom. Instead of being robbed by government (in the name of providing the “free” services), I’d be able to afford my private health care.
      Libtards socialists think they need government to babysit them, but real people know government is unable to produce any wealth.

    • You are free to be ruined by a broken toe. Hm, no. That has definitly nothing to do with freedom. Just stupidity. No wonder you are the laughing stock worldwide.

    • Prince Leo April 28, 2017

      You are indeed free to be ruined. But if have brain, you go after your private health insurance (which you can pay because the government did not rob you) you won’t go bankrupt. Responsibility and freedom go both ways, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    • So people who are too poor for insurance with 3 jobs are free not to be insured “by choice”. Your logic is idiotic.

    • Leo, you are astonishingly stupid. You would rather be jacked over (random increases, massive co-pays, refusal to pay for “existing conditions”) by insurance companies in the name of “freedom” than live with a consistent deduction that covers your health costs, even though the insurance companies and the government are BFFs, and you are compelled by law (aka the government) to hold insurance (car, homeowner, etc.). Jeez, what a half- wit.

    • Prince Leo April 29, 2017

      @Rattus that’s what your commie politicians tell you: you’re unable to take care of yourself, so open your wallet and gimme all your money and freedom.
      I live in US and used to live in Europe before. I’ve never had a better health care than I do now. Europeans can’t understand that because they consider if government don’t provide, they won’t have. But when you have a smaller government, you have higher salary. That’s what the commies from the old world are unable to understand.

    • Yeah we can see how cheap governments work in the US. No thanks.

  7. Not a Cunnuck Shmuck April 27, 2017

    William Shatner, Celine Dion and Justin Bieber are Canadian.
    That’s why we need a border wall up north too.

    • All the Kardashians, all the Trumps, Seacrest, Sheen, Madonna, Bundy, Dahmer, Gacy, Speck are or were American. Damn right we need a wall.

    • stryphylokok April 27, 2017

      Wall around the us and a lid on it.

  8. Justin The Smartypants April 27, 2017

    Every time I hear a mean joke about the US…
    I go to hospital to get my feelings checked..then die 6 months later of starvation trying to pay off the Bill

    • Prince Leo April 28, 2017

      I’m a libtard: I complain about health care costa but I’m OK paying more than half of my income in taxes. I’ve no brain.

    • I am endlessly bemused by the RWNJ stance that woe betide a government that has any say over their life, but insurance companies? It’s perfectly okay for insurance companies to grab them by the danglies and squeeze them until they resemble nothing more than the mummified corpses of flies lying in a moribund drycleaner’s window.

    • There are some parts of the ACA that were good ideas like not excluding preexisting conditions or dropping coverage for likely expensive treatments. But it was all presented badly to the public and politicians were pretty disingenuous about the law. It has increased coverage but it also has increased costs and deductibles for many. But insurance companies needed droves of younger and healthy people to sign up for essentially useless high deductible and rate plans to have enough money to cover the less healthy people and a sizable number of healthy people simply didn’t accept it and many insurers are giving up on it. It was all good in theory but not in implementation.

    • Justin The Smartypants April 29, 2017

      I make another joke & all these mercans start spouting about their great system. It’s all me me me with them. As far as most mercans are concerned as long as they & their familly are OK every one else in the US & the world can starve to death. Oh & they have lots of guns in their “Free” Country. Only “Free” countries have lots of guns. Good examples are Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Sudan to name a few.

  9. Canadian healthcare model looks better to me than what I have here in the US. Sky-high prescriptions and insurance that won’t cover a tetanus shot. Universal healthcare is probably attainable if our leaders could go about it the right way. Maybe that’s what Obamacare was shooting for, but the greedy powers that be would never let it happen. If I were a jobless welfare case, I could get state sponsored insurance that is better than anything someone who works can afford. Reward the lazy, punish those who work. That is the U.S. system.

  10. So many angry Americans in this thread, seething at the entire rest of the civilized world for having the gall to have universal healthcare. Enjoy your Trump presidency, morons.

  11. have fun waiting 20 hours to get those feeling checked for free. here in america we pay but don’t have to wait so long. waiting is for losers and canadians

    • Libtard Hunter April 28, 2017

      Everyone pays, but libtards think they don’t.
      They think more than 50% of income tax out of an already reduced salary (due to other socialist expenses) is not a health care fee.

    • It seems that you haven’t read about the experiences of myself and some people I know, posted above. Repeating erroneous information as a balm to a mind burdened by the knowledge that half their country’s governing body cares more about the pools and boats of Mutual of Omaha’s CEO than it does about the health of its constituents does no one any good.

  12. Libtard Hunter April 28, 2017

    1. break into libtard home and steal their furniture
    2. sell part of the furniture to pay for its transportation and new storage
    3. wreck another part of the furniture during step 2 (heck, it’s not yours anyway, why be careful)
    4. tell libtard you’ll give them free furniture because they have none
    5. charge libtard a small fee to get the remaining furniture to their home
    6. change your name to Government
    7. libtard will have part of their furniture back, in worse condition, but will still write in all forums they got free furniture from Government!!!

  13. You must be Australian. I spent a week in hospital last year. Didn’t cost a penny, or for the ambulance to get there…

    • Prince Leo April 28, 2017

      Yes it did, Mr. Brainless-Libtard. The whole country got a crap salary so you had your “free” week.

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